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Sep 22, 1968

Bruce Swander

“C Co stayed in the field from their NDP, the other Co’s coming in by boat.  At 1000h, C has a WIA (unkn – back wound) and a Navy man WIA from a stray bullet as LZ is under fire.  Arty and gunships called in.  At 1335, C has another WIA(unkn) due to a fractured arm.”

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    admin Says:

    From MacMaster:

    River Assault Division 131 – Ambushed while landing 6/31st Infantry Division troops on the Ba Rai Stream 3 miles east of Cai Be. The Viet Cong fired automatic weapons and rockets from both banks. Riverine assault craft fired all weapons, including flame, suppressing the enemy fire. Nine Navymen were wounded.

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