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Aug 7, 1968


To assist Charlie A Company was inserted into a blocking position to the east and three companies of the 3-39th Infantry were brought in to complete the cordon.

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    From Jim MacMaster:

    C/6/31 – Inserted on a routine mission. Upon insertion, they made heavy contact with an unknown VC force.
    A/6/31 – Came into a blocking position from the west.
    3/39th – Three companies were called into complete the cordon.
    Initially, C/6/31 probed the enemy positions and met heavy resistance. At this point, US forces pulled back and sealed the cordon and utilized its artillery. After a heavy concentration (of artillery), a psyop aircraft was called in to broadcast the “chieu hoi” alternative to the enemy and that after a 15-minute cease fire, we would resume the air strikes and artillery. After no response, the area was pounded one again. CS gas was then used and a response by Charlie was finally obtained. He came out of the woodline only to meet a devastating fire by US troops. This operation accounted for over 50 VC KIA while US casualties were 13 KAI and 27 WIA.

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