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Aug 7, 1968


To assist Charlie A Company was inserted into a blocking position to the east and three companies of the 3-39th Infantry were brought in to complete the cordon.

Aug 7, 1968

Dong Tam

Dong Tam now official headquarters of the 9th Division in Vietnam.

Aug 7, 1968

Bearcat turned over

Turned over to Royal Thai Panter Division.

Aug 7, 1968


Charlie Company with a new commander walks into a VC battalion perimeter NE of Can giouc

Aug 8, 1968


“Specialist John A. Jablonski in the 2nd Platoon Charlie Company, earned the Distinguished Service Cross.”

Aug 8, 1968

battle continues

“Finally, when CS gas was used, the enemy came out of their position, about 50 were cut down. For the next day and a half, the battle continued. By the time the fight was over, US casualties, including those of the 3-39th Infantry, totaled 13 dead and 27 wounded. The majority were members of the […]

Aug 8, 1968

Ron Raymond

August 8th – Charlie Co. captures an 82 mm mortar.

Aug 9, 1968


Charlie to Nha Be and Alpha to Rach Kein

Aug 13, 1968

August 13, 1968

6/31st – Battalion went OPCON to the 199th and remained so until Sept. 11th when the 6/31st moved to Dong Tam.

Aug 22, 1968

Ron Raymond

Delta Co. receives ‘Recondo’ badges.

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