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Jul 8, 1968

Mortar attack

“On July 8, a mortar attack wounded 14 members of the battalion near the Binh Dien Bridge”””

Jul 9, 1968

Nha Be

“July 9, four rounds of 75mm recoilless rifle fire hit the fuel tank complex, setting one of the huge oil tanks ablaze, but there were no casualties and no other damage.”

Jul 9, 1968

Ron Raymond

0200 hrs. Shell Oil in Nha Be gets hit by rocket attack during the night while I was pulling watch in tower above the Co. Hdqtrs

Jul 11, 1968

Ron Raymond

On July 11th Private Roberts drowns while crossing a stream during operations in the Mekong Delta.

Jul 13, 1968

Ron Raymond

July 13th – Delta Co. on military operations with MRF – going on offensive with the Navy in Mekong Delta waterways.

Jul 16, 1968

July 16, 1968 assignments

B Company secured the Bien Dien bridge. A Company and D Company secured Binh Chanh. C Company secured the Nha Be tank farm.

Jul 18, 1968

Nha Be

“On July 18, four 122mm rockets hit the base, but again there were no casualties.”

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