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Jun 28, 1968


C Company engaged an entrenched enemy force southwest of Tan An. The ensuing battle resulted in losses to all three of C Company’s rifle platoons.

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    FOcharlie1 Says:

    I was one of the WIA’s on that day around Tan An. Would like to hear from anyone that remembers that day and action.

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    admin Says:

    Further notes from Bruce Swander for this date:

    CO Col Schmallhourst with A/B/C companies initiates a sweep Operation. C Company is ordered to take the lead, and initial contact is made around 1330h when Nguyen Van Phi, their Tiger Scout is killed by a shot to the head by a sniper. They started to move in the direction of where the shot came from, B Company went towards Tan An. C Company continued their sweep with some contact, killing 3 VC. One soldier is dusted off after being stung mutliple times by hornets.

    At 1600h more contact was made, resultiing in 1 WIA and 1KIA– E4 John Baker C Company. Shortly thereafter, they began receiving RPG and AK47 fire. C Company requests a re-supply, and S-4 dispatches a vehicle with ammo and 90mm rounds. At 1730h heavy contact was made. 7 soldiers were WIA, and Cpl Keneth Seidel, C Company, was shot and killed. At their NDP, C Company reports a summary– 2 men killed, 8 men wounded with 4 critical that have been evacuated, and 1 Tiger scout killed. They have 6 VC confirmed killed.

    Same joint operation:

    A company, while heading towards Tan An, discovers VC in spider holes. No US casualites, 5 VC confirmed kills.

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