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Apr 4, 1968

First orders

Battalion gets first orders to the 9th Division. Original orders were to the 196th LIB at Chu Li.  Changed while the battalion is in the air on the way to Vietnam to the 9th Division.

Apr 5, 1968

Entrance to Vietnam

Most of battalion arrived at Ton Son Nut Airbase and taken to Bearcat by truck.  Ltc. Joseph Schmalhorst Bn. Commander.

Apr 5, 1968

Assigned to 1st Brigade

First Assignment at Bearcat.

Apr 19, 1968

First casualty

The battalion’s first non-battle casualty occurred on April 19 when a soldier from C Company wounded himself with his own weapon.

Apr 25, 1968

First combat loss

First Combat loss. Donald Hanna. C company.

Apr 26, 1968

April 26, 1968

C Company.  2 KIA and 14 WIA due to enemy command detonated mine.

Apr 28, 1968

6/31st moved to 3rd Brigade

“Battalion moved from Bearcat to a battalion size base at Bien Chon, Long An Province.”

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