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Mar 31, 1968

Advance party

“The advance party, including Lieutenant Colonel Schmalhorst, all six company commanders, and Command Sergeant Major Bill Russell, departed from McChord Air Force Base on March 31, 1968.”

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    From Col. Karl Lowe:
    …… It was to have become part of the 196th Light Infantry
    Brigade in the 23rd (Americal) Division at Chu Lai, joining the 4th
    Battalion which had already been in VN since 1966. The advance party
    arrived there and most commanders were in the field with their 4th
    Battalion counterparts when they received emergency orders to return
    to Chu Lai, collect their gear and get to the airfield.
    …… they went to Bearcat, which was the 9th Division’s
    original base camp (later turned over to the Thai Cobra Division).
    The advance party flew from Chu Lai to Bien Hoa and moved from there
    by truck to Bearcat Base. According to one member who was at the
    recent reunion (CPT Grady Smith, CO D/6-31), some of the officers had
    already gotten Americal Division patches sewn on their uniforms at Chu
    Lai and were in the field on orientation trips with other units when
    they were recalled to Chu Lai to catch a waiting C-130.

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