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Nov 1, 1967

6/31st Created

“Battalion organized at Ft. Lewis Washington. It  becomes the first ever 6th Battalion of the 31st Infantry, although the 31st Infantry Regiment, with a storied history, being its namesake. “

Nov 13, 1967

November 13, 1967

Authorized strength 43 officers, 2 warrant officers and 875 enlisted men (920) total.

Nov 22, 1967

Begin Training

The battalion begins training on November 20, 1967

Jan 1, 1968

Training half complete

By January 1, 1968 half of the battalions training was complete

Jan 7, 1968

Escape and evasion course

Training for January 7, 1968.

Jan 21, 1968

Squad ATTs conducted

Training continues January 21 through 27, 1968

Jan 30, 1968

End of January 1968

A total of 1037 hours of training received

Feb 3, 1968

Platoon and Company training

Platoon and Company ATT’s conducted February 3 to 10.

Feb 12, 1968

Training complete

Battalion training and tests February 12 through March 10, 1968

Mar 11, 1968

Leave before Viet Nam

Battalion leave granted before deployment to Viet Nam starting March 11, 1968.

Mar 31, 1968

Advance party

“The advance party, including Lieutenant Colonel Schmalhorst, all six company commanders, and Command Sergeant Major Bill Russell, departed from McChord Air Force Base on March 31, 1968.”

Apr 4, 1968

First orders

Battalion gets first orders to the 9th Division. Original orders were to the 196th LIB at Chu Li.  Changed while the battalion is in the air on the way to Vietnam to the 9th Division.

Apr 5, 1968

Entrance to Vietnam

Most of battalion arrived at Ton Son Nut Airbase and taken to Bearcat by truck.  Ltc. Joseph Schmalhorst Bn. Commander.

Apr 5, 1968

Assigned to 1st Brigade

First Assignment at Bearcat.

Apr 19, 1968

First casualty

The battalion’s first non-battle casualty occurred on April 19 when a soldier from C Company wounded himself with his own weapon.

Apr 25, 1968

First combat loss

First Combat loss. Donald Hanna. C company.

Apr 26, 1968

April 26, 1968

C Company.  2 KIA and 14 WIA due to enemy command detonated mine.

Apr 28, 1968

6/31st moved to 3rd Brigade

“Battalion moved from Bearcat to a battalion size base at Bien Chon, Long An Province.”

May 2, 1968

CO change D Company

“Captain Robert F. Stephens, Jr., D Company’s commander, was wounded by a booby trap. He was replaced by Captain Grady A. Smith.”

May 3, 1968

May 3, 1968

D 6/31st Found small cache containing hand grenades, small arms ammo, and mortar ammo. No contact with the enemy.

May 5, 1968

Bruce Swander

“On this day, the NVA began their initial assualt that will be known as the Cholon battle. The Bn was under heavy mortar attack, with 22 soldiers wounded. D Co would have it’s first casualty, SP4 Arnold Stewart, and 6 others from the Co would be wounded.”

May 6, 1968

Bruce Swander

Pfc Bobby Childs had been hit and subsequently dies before being dusted off. He is the first casualty of A Co in-country.

May 7, 1968

Bruce Swander

The NVA Offensive continues with their push into Cholon.  One platoon of Charlie Company goes opcon to 3/39 and another goes opcon to 5/60

May 7, 1968

C Company

C Company’s 2nd Platoon was flown in to reinforce RVN rangers and police at a nearby bridge on Route 5.

May 7, 1968

A&B companies

“Just after noon, A and B Companies were flown in from Firebase Smoke. They reinforced six rifle companies of the 3-39th and 5-60th Infantry,”

May 8, 1968

B Company

“Just after daybreak, B Company, attached to Lieutenant Colonel Joe DeLuca’s 3-39th Infantry, moved to DeLuca’s command post (CP) aboard A/5-60th tracks.”

May 8, 1968

C Company

“That evening, C Company was flown back to Fire Base Smoke from a fruitless night operation in nearby Long An Province.”

May 9, 1968

Bruce Swander

“6/31 is sent in to reinforce 3/39.   By early afternoon, A/C Co’s have contact.  By 1600h, A has the northern part of the Y-Bridge secured and C has the southern side secured.  At 1610h, C has 3 WIA’s  and A has 1 WIA.  Contact continues after dark. Gunships called in.”

May 10, 1968

A and C Companies

“Earlier that morning (May 10), A/5-60th Infantry was ambushed on National Route 5A while moving through the village of Xom Tan Liem. Their company commander had been killed and most of the American dead still lay alongside he road. A and C Companies of the 6-31st were picked up on Route 230 and flown in to help.”

May 11, 1968

B Company

Contact at Y Bridge.

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