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NameRoger Speicher
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Tour of Duty68/69
CommentStarted at Ft. Lewis in November and left with unit in April. I was in Charlie Company and one of few (4) to leave a year later. Have been in contact with other brothers as of late. Too busy with life and was able to put a lot of this somewhere else. With cancer and time on my hands those memories are coming home to roost. Not all bad though. Capt. George, Bill Mullen, Phil Harris, Mike Strand and a lot of others are making those memories a bit more pleasant. Cannot believe we did all of that shit and survived! As a 20 year old, you should not see some of the things we did and shrugged it off. Unfortunately that side is coming back. Have had VA Care and seeking some benefits all in due time. A special thanks to Bill Mullen about care. Incidentally Dale Mills is still that super supply guy! Would like to see all of you again. From Indiana, Roger Speicher