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NameLuis A Reyna
CountryUSA, San Antonio TX
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Tour of DutyMarch 1968 to April 1969
CO6th &31st B Company
CommentI would like to say Hi to everyone in Bravo Company of the 6th & 31st, 3 Battalion 9th Infantry Division. My name is Luis Reyna (E-5) from San Antonio TX. I am bless that I am still alive after we went through some many dangerous missions, the one that I remember the most is the one in Cholon in May 1968 we fought for more than two weeks. Two of my friends were killed and so many wounded including my self. I was wounded again 15 days before my returned back to the States. I have several pictures of me with platoon and squad buddies and would like to share them with any one. God bless you and remember those soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines in the military, but most important remember in your prayers those who give the ultimate sacrifice for this Country and for all of us. Regards,