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NameWilliam Nesmith
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Tour of DutyMarch 69-March70
COA/1/84th Arty & C/2/4
CommentGreat webpage. Our units were involved with providing general support artillery for your units. We were located at Tan Tru. C/2/4 was a direct support arty for 2/60 infantry, but also provided a lot of general support, especially after most of the division went home. B/1/84 was the unit of mechanized 155 located at Tan Tru in general support. We moved those 155 all over the 9th's operation area, but were based at Tan Tru. C/2/4 operated as a split batter in much of the fall of 69 with half the unit at Gettsburg, either alone, or combined with parts of D/2/4. We shot a lot of artillery in support of you folks. Best Regards to all the 9th! I can be reached at 5718 Colby Road, Winchester, KY 40391.