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Namemike bramel
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Tour of Duty1/5/68-1/6/69
CO176th AHC-Chu Lai
Commentwelcome home everyone was crewchief on slick minutemen 2nd flight platoon 176th ahc bob harmes member of the 6thofthe31st-69-70 is a good friend of mine told me he went to your last reunion with his wounderful wife sharolyn said they had a great time bob an sharolyn also have two great childern daughter an son got to know bob after he got back in 70 went in the army with his cousin was in basic ait an was in 176th ahc togeather in 68-69 crewchief slicks when bob got back is when i met him through don his cousin went to bob an sharolyns wedding also just got back in touch with them been over 20 some years are more and we all live in kc mo area better sign off over