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 NameCountryWeb PageTour of DutyPosted
Daniel W. EzsoUSAhttp://gorillasnot.comOct 68' at Ft. Lewis to Nam April 68' - April 69'12/05/2005
Phil Tolliver(not set)August 69-January 69. Wounded & sent back to the World12/08/2005
Tony Caliva(not set)Vietnam Echo Co. Jan.'70-Aug. '70 mortars 6/31st 9th Div.12/08/2005
Dave TyoUSA(not set)2/69-8/6912/09/2005
Brooke P Schlegelusa(not set)Vietnam 70 - 7112/11/2005
W. D. KennedyUSA(not set)April 1968 - Mqrch 196912/12/2005
Larry F. Berkousa(not set)69 7012/14/2005
Albert SambranoUnited States(not set)1st of April 68- 29th of March 6912/30/2005
Anthony PaoliniUSA(not set)19,681,96912/30/2005
john t mcdonough(not set)april 1968 to april196901/04/2006
Robert HillUSA(not set)Fall of 67 to Nov6801/06/2006
Larry BarcottUSA(not set)69-7001/07/2006
Tom Kirby, Sp4USA
James L. MacMaster(not set)10/67 - 02/69...D/6/31, 1st platoon01/12/2006
jerry woodusahttp://noneAug 70 Aug 7101/19/2006
james w boltusa(not set)nov 67 to aug 6901/27/2006
Robert Stewarthttp://www.6thofthe31st.com197002/05/2006
Benjamin R. Bailey ( Doc )USA(not set)69-7002/08/2006
Ted WylieUSA TEXAShttp://6thofthe31st.comMar 69/ Mar 7002/08/2006