The Turk leader and the shoe on the other foot

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The Turk leader and the shoe on the other foot

Postby Niner Alpha » Mon Jul 18, 2016 10:20 am

Did you notice how the Turk leader, who just put down a coup, has a notion that the brains of the revolt is living in the US. A "cleric" named Gulen is living on a compound, with armed guards, in Pennsylvania. He's here on a "green card" as a recluse and spiritual teacher. Only locals who get into his compound are escorted in with guides that tell them even where to park and they get in only if they were invited for some purpose. This seems a mirror situation to Osama after being fingered as the brains behind 9/11....only for the longest time we didn't know where Osama was.

Now the Turk government wants this guy extradited but the US is saying .. "show us the evidence". It's the Osama shoe on the other foot and the US is giving the same excuse now as they had gotten then. Slim chance that the Turks are going to drone bomb this perceived enemy on US soil or send in commandos. However it should give us pause to think about how "exceptional" the US has become.

Glenn Greenwald pointed this idea out in his Intercept article today. ... nsylvania/

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