Can Giuoc for March 2014

Over the years there have been monthly collages. Most saluted different contributors to the Album. This new forum is just to keep the collages and remarks about them from being totally forgotten.
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Can Giuoc for March 2014

Postby Niner Alpha » Mon Mar 10, 2014 11:52 am

Did the same thing again as an idea. I took a photo that Jerry White had taken of what had been the Eastern edge of the FB at Can Giuoc. If I got my directions right in my head....problematic I admit, I'd think the big corrugated metal mess hall sat not far West of this line. I just grabbed a collection of photos. Some from Mike Kirby. One of mine. One from Jim Tierney. One from Rick Ackers.

The swamp is no longer. It's just looks mostly like fields now days. Check out the photos in the album if you haven't already.

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