The VA incompetence continues

Discuss your experiences with the VA and offer information that may be of assistance to others who seek help from the Veterans Administration.
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The VA incompetence continues

Postby Niner Alpha » Mon Jun 09, 2014 1:25 pm

So...after many years of administrative incompetence on the VA health care front... going back many years before the current Obama administration and continuing without any actual attempt to fix it, we have come to this. The head guy is forced to resign for not doing his job and, at the same time, the majority of the rank and file incompetents are still on the job. It seems a lot like what happened on Wall Street after the housing bubble crash.

Here are some interesting late statistics on the bureaucratic logjam that remains. ... pointments

Hope any of you fellows who have a health problem, and have no alternative, don't die before the VA gets around to treating whatever is wrong with you.
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Re: The VA incompetence continues

Postby SgtMike » Tue Jun 10, 2014 10:03 pm

Hi guys, we are reading a lot about the VA and how they're treating the vets. I am a combat wounded vet with 100% disability. I really want to say and let all of you know that I have been treated royally by the staff at the Loma Linda veterans administration hospital. Their staff is superior to anything I have encountered in civilian hospitals.

As many of you know I've had a heart attack, quadruple bypass, heart failure, and heart failure with atrial fibrillation, which resulted in them putting a pacemaker in. And I am a type II diabetic. I am being treated for a shoulder injury as well. I was 911-ed twice to civilian hospitals, then after several days of treatment transferred to the VA hospital Loma Linda. All doctors bills, hospital bills, medication pills, pharmacy bills, and ambulance bills have all been paid for by the VA. No out-of-pocket costs. It is my understanding that if there is something seriously wrong with you. You can go to the civilian hospital and be treated there. The VA requires the civilian hospital to notify and get permission to do any operating procedures. All other procedures are covered by the VA without permissions.

I have never had a problem making appointments. The staff generally notifies me when they need to see me. Which requires me to call and make an appointment to see them. The notifications come by telephone, emails, and snail mail. My medications are ordered online and sent via snail mail. I am able to send secure emails to my doctor and get responses within 24 hours.

I am required to see my primary Dr. every six months. At that time he sets up with the various doctors that he would like me to see. Generally every three months, I see the eye doctor, every six months I see the dentist, every three months I see the podiatrist, and every three months I see the heart Dr. to have my pacemaker checked out. And once a month I have to have a blood test done for my Coumadin check. If I have any complications in any of the exams appointments are made as needed.

At the Loma Linda VA hospital. One cannot walk down the hallways and pass anyone working for the VA that doesn't give you a hi, a good morning or a how are you doing today. And always with a smile. The volunteer staffs are wonderful always happy to help out. And always on the watch for someone in need. The grounds are Immaculate and it is truly a pleasure to go enjoy the ponds with their ducks, and well-kept lawns, walkways, picnic area in the shade of the trees.

There is a lot of construction going on there now, but they have always tried to make it convenient for the patients to get around with ease. And they do a good job of it.

Well I am sure that I could go on for a long time, as I've been going to Loma Linda for 15+ years. I had my quadruple bypass in the San Diego VA and it too has an amazing staff.

Thank you Dr. JAMES HUANG and all of Module 4 for your outstanding care.

I would like to interject here and say I was not trying to say the VA is without its problems. I am certain that the VA needs an overhaul. I was just trying to stress the point that not all the VA hospitals are trying to deceive the public. And I know there is a big difference between VA hospitals.

Knowing what I know now, I would advise any young military person to file for any and every medical situation that arises while you are in the service. (No matter how small or insignificant they think it is) It will help out big time if any need arises to file a claim. I would also advise them to register with their closest VA hospital. This can and will be a substitute for Obama care when they get out of the military. (That is, until they change the law)
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Re: The VA incompetence continues

Postby Niner Alpha » Wed Jun 11, 2014 11:13 am

I'm happy for you, Mike. Good to see all the medical facilities of the VA aren't run by bureaucratic slugs. But just this morning I read this about the system in Alabama. Not only do new patients, on average, have to wait about a month and a half in Mobile for an appointment, but the system manager flat out lies to an elected representative about removing system employees who falsify appointment records . ... rt_m-rpt-2

The particular departmental VA health care system is pretty large and includes the facility at Columbus, GA. The city home of the infantry at FT. Benning.
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Re: The VA incompetence continues

Postby pointman » Mon Aug 18, 2014 6:32 pm

I am seriously interested in that my plans are to go to the VA and sign up for treatment. I have sufficient eligibility that I can get everything free except dental, and tecnically I am already enrolled.

first reason, I want to use that as my medical in retirement, a money savings move on my part.
second, I suspect that the services in Iowa are better managed than in larger urban areas. Not sure how I check that out. anyone know where to go to check out delays, disputes, etc.
third, I believe while I am still working, I can continue to pay for my Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and VA will in tern bill them. Might give me a sample of how they preform here.
fourth, my understanding is that if I get a treatment in Frostbite MN and no VA is available, I can pay the bill there, and get reimbursed by the VA.

I like my current doctor, but in retirement, we are going to be on a limited budget. I assume I can juggle doctors if needed until I find one I like.


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