The Sugar Mill

Jerry White toured various sites in Vietnam of historic importance to the 6/31st.
Feel free to post additional new posts about Vietnam then and now or comment on anything posted. Check out the same photos in the album with comments by Jerry under each image. ... emId=19416
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The Sugar Mill

Postby Niner Alpha » Wed Feb 23, 2011 4:03 pm

I set a new personal record today for riding on a small honda "scooter"....9 hours and my butt is, needless to day, worn out....and this was "without" trying to make it to FSB Jackson. Thank goodness I didn't try for Jackson. Left Vinh Kim at 7am and returned at 4pm.

I will send each location that I visited separately. First....the Sugar Mill.

Yes...I did find the Sugar Mill south of Luong Hoa (now Luong Binh). We found Luong Hoa ~8 miles north of Ben Luc on the east bank of the Van Co Dong River. The Sugar Mill is located 1.5 miles south of Luong Ha on the south bank of the Kinh Xang Lon (Lon....meaning large verus Ngo which means small....the Kinh Xang Ngo is the closer to Luong Hoa) where it intersects with the river.

I will first show some pictures of the village, and then the Sugar Mill. We had to travel 0.5 miles on a small, rough,and, in some places, muddy path on the north side of the Kinh Xang Lon in order to take the pictures of the Sugar Mill. I will place a marker on the Google Earth shot showing where I assume that the old mill was located. The new and huge mill is located ~400 yards to the east of the marker. If you look closely, you can see the boats unloading sugar cane. I will also attach a couple of shots of sugar cane fields on the side of Hwy 824 between Ben Luc and Duc Hoa.

Now for the pictures...again....I will have to send in 2 emails.

Sugar Mill photos in Album here: ... emId=20399

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