Favorite Stories

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Favorite Stories

Postby SgtMike » Wed May 08, 2002 11:55 pm

Snake Story
I would like to tell a story about a snake in Vietnam. Let me try and paint you a picture of the lay of the land. We were operating out of fire support base (FSB) Gettysburg in the Plain of Reeds. Located in the Delta region of South Vietnam. Gettysburg was within artillery range of Cambodia. (I was in Cambodia months before Parrots Beak.) Gettysburg was one of those thrown together FSBs. The day they air lifted us in, word had it that we were going to come under attack that night and it could be a sizable amount of NVA (North Vietnamese Army). We had nothing but hard dirt and empty sandbags. But we soon had a defendable base camp. We had dug foxhole type positions, using the dirt from the hole to fill the sandbags. This gave us a hole about 2 feet deep and sandbags that were two or three high around the hole. That night we all found out that in the Delta, one dose not dig a foxhole. The tide rose that night and guess what? The water filled our foxholes to within 6 inches of the top. It was a good thing Charlie took the night off because most of us were out getting pallets from artillery (arty) to put in the holes, in an attempt to stay out of the water. Gettysburg eventually came together and we called it home. Complete with a battery of artillery (arty), helicopter pad (chopper pad), Air Cushioned Vehicle (ACV) Landing Zone and Naval receiving area. Yes I said Navy receiving area.
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Re: Favorite Stories

Postby Niner Alpha » Thu May 09, 2002 1:50 pm

Thanks Mike. One good thing to note about your effort is that even as people find this board and this page moves down, your story will only move to page 2 and eventually page 3 and can move all the way to page 20. And if anyone sees it, maybe months from now, and wants to add a post it will come back to the top again. That is one of the reasons I picked ezboards as the place to put this message board.

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