Jim MacMaster's awards

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Jim MacMaster's awards

Postby Ron » Tue Feb 06, 2018 3:19 pm

Recently during one of my searches on the Internet I came across an article of medals being found in a wooden box in someone's home. And in that box along with some military articles was found a Purple Heart belonging to
Sgt. James L. MacMaster. That person(s) contacted the local news media who in turn contacted the Purple Heart organization. They(Purple Heart) eventually had information relating to possibly some family members that the media could contact. Here's a clip of some of that article:

I put in a request with the National Personnel Records Center for basic information. I wanted to know if MacMaster had been awarded a Purple Heart. But Fike got the information for me quicker.
MacMaster joined the Army on July 15, 1966. He served in Vietnam from October 1967 to February 1969. He was awarded a Purple Heart and an Army Commendation Medal with Valor Device.
After his service, he worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and he and his wife had three children, and then divorced.
One of his two daughters lives in Ozark and Fike provided me with her phone number.
“Those medals have meaning to me, and they belong to my father,” says Kelly Jill Lind, 42, who is studying to be a nurse.
She believes the box with her dad’s name on it once was in the possession of her brother, who lived in various places in the Ozarks.my deceased friend, Jim MacMaster.

The news media was contacted in trying to locate this individual and in the process the Purple Heart organization was contacted for hopefully, the owner of the certain medal. That in turn disclosed Jim had relatives in the area and along with the Purple Heart and the wooden box & its contents, it was turned over to Jim's family.
Here's a link to that press release done by Steve Popin (or Poppin) in MO.

https://purpleheartsreunited.org/heart/ ... macmaster/

Some years ago Jim had stated that he wished he still had his old cassette recordings along with his medals and 'Nam material, but due to his break-up with his wife all items were supposedly burned.
Now, here it is all these years this Purple Heart shows up with his wooden box and returned to members of his family. :)

Might be wise if you're concerned about those awards to make that they're safely secured where you or your family can find them. If I can, I think I might try contacting the individual who now has those medals and see if they would want to know how they were earned by Sgt. James L. MacMaster.
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Re: Jim MacMaster's awards

Postby Niner Delta » Tue Feb 06, 2018 6:29 pm

Great story, thanks for posting this.
It's always good to see these things go back to family, where they belong.


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