From Jerry White to 3rd Herd Delta 69

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From Jerry White to 3rd Herd Delta 69

Postby Niner Alpha » Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:45 am

Attention 3rd Herd who served in Vinh Kim in 1969 (+ David Kennedy)

Those who served in Vinh Kim in 1969 may remember an old pagoda that was surrounded by over grown heavy vegetation and Tu Dia signs. I don't believe that even Barry Wible tried to penetrate this area. A brief description of where the pagoda was located:

Exit the Vinh Kim firebase to the right toward the village market.
Then turn left on the road toward the Mekong River.
Cross the first bridge and take the first trail to the left.
Follow the trail along the canal until it almost intersected with the Dong Tam canal.
The pagoda was located about 1/2 way between the canal on the left and the rice fields on the right. I had Barbara's sons take me to the pagoda. You would, of course, never recognize it today. I will attach pictures. There was one Buddhist female monk there and she provided us with a sheet that contained the history of the pagoda. It was constructed in 1898.

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