Cai Nua - 43 years later

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Cai Nua - 43 years later

Postby Randyw » Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:41 pm

Many of us have watched our father’s generation pass away, the "Greatest Generation" leaving behind an unforgettable legacy of courage, honor, heroism, perseverance and sacrifice. Our "Vietnam Generation" did share many of the same traits; when it came to the battlefield, courage, honor, and heroism. While the older generation sacrificed much, those who came home, came home hero's. Our sacrifice was our country and the disdain many had for those who fought.

Tomorrow marks the 43rd anniversary of the Cai Nua firefight and like every year I am able, I would like to take this time to ask those of you who were touched by this incident to remember those whose blood will forever remain on the battlefield and to those who have joined their comrades in the past couple of years.

Everyone remembers in their own way, and although I do not dwell as much on this night as I used to, most likely due to old age, as opposed to coming to grips with the fight, I still, during those moments when the smells, sights, and sounds flood my memory like yesterday, pay homage to those young men, in their prime, full of life, bursting with loyalty and courage, who never had a chance to send a message to somebody to remember a 43rd or even a 1rst anniversary. They are, hopefully, continued to be remembered by the survivor’s, a dwindling group, and by their names etched in black polished granite in Washington D.C. for everyone to see. Those few of us remaining know their names AND their story, their bravery, their sacrifice and one day of the year, hopefully, we can all be very proud of our "Vietnam Generation" and all of our brothers, those who made it home and those who did not.

I realize this should be something done on a much more regular basis, however, it takes much, at least for me, to remember, reflect, and take solace in the fact I, for the grace of God, am here and Rolle, Tubbs, Keener, Ferris, Zoldi, Bradley, Robinson, Barrios, and Yabiku are not.

I am glad the next reunion will be in D.C. this year, I will be there, God willing, and I would very much like to see those brothers who so honorably served.

My prayers and memories go out to those mentioned above and hopefully, somewhere they know we continue to remember.

God Bless and Welcome Home my Brothers
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Re: Cai Nua - 43 years later

Postby Delta75 » Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:33 pm is great to see your input. I haven't heard from you in several years. If you read this, please email me at We are attempting to update our 6/31st roster and apparently I don't have an updated email address for you.

Best regards

Jerry White
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