2011 - Columbus, GA Reunion

Fall in. Answer up. Be accounted for. Post a memory, photo, greeting or question. If nothing else post that you are still alive because some of us are likely to be glad you did.
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2011 - Columbus, GA Reunion

Postby Delta75 » Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:40 pm

Hello Delta Company,

Several of you men have asked to be made aware of which Delta men were planning to attend the Columbus reunion. Charlie Tapp has provided me with the latest list of men who have registered. If you do not see your name on the list below, but do plan to attend the reunion, please register as soon as possible. I know that at least 3 more Delta men had told me that they planned to attend. Capt Quisenberry has registered as Alpha Company instead of Delta Company; therefore, Delta needs at least 6 more men to keep Charlie from winning "our" :D trophy.

Delta Men Registered to-date (13):

Chuck Barr
Darwin Betzer
Ed Fuller
Virgil Havens
Dennis "Doc" Sheridan
Grady Smith
Richard Spekcynski
Charlie Tapp
John Trentini
James Ward
Al Warnecke
Nick Zagar
Vin Zike

Note: The present registration list would have Charlie Company winning the 6/31st High Attendance Trophy back from Delta Company :cry: . Alpha Company is also having a good turnout.

Alpha: 12
Bravo: 4
Charlie: 18
Delta: 13
Echo: 1
HHC: 2

Total registration to-date, to include WW II, Korean, 4/31st VN, and 6/31st VN = 88 men (this includes a 4/31st Medal of Honor family representative) plus 2 Guests. Thus, at present, 90 registrations (does not include wives or significant others).

Take Care My Brothers

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