Forest Wells

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Forest Wells

Postby SgtMac » Fri Dec 12, 2008 1:54 pm

The wife (Pat) of SSG Forest Wells D/6/31 informed me of the following:

Forest passed away on June 5,2007 at the age of 64, while on a scuba diving trip to Belize. Forest left on June 2nd and passed away three days later. He had not dived till the last day of the trip because he had become overheated on the small planes from Houston to Belize City and San Pedro. He said he felt like diving the afternoon of the 5th.. He completed his dive, was above water and waiting to board the boat back to the resort when fellow divers thought some thing was wrong. He received immediate emergency treatment, but according to his dive instructor, Forrest appeared to die instantly. The autopsy report indicated that he had acute cerebral adema and accute lung failure. According to his physician, this had been going on for a long time. and that the fluid in his lungs was from the brain and not from sea water. Forest has been in the hospital several times since 2005. The physician said the reason Forest had become overheated during the flights was due to the fluid on the brain and that diving had nothing to do with his death.
Forest retired at age 57 after 30 years with National Southwire Aluminum. One of the things he had always wanted to do wa to be a certified scuba diver. He received all certifications up thru Assistant Instructor and was a member of the Dive Staff of Blue Meridian Dive Shop here in Owensboro. Each year the group planned a week-long trip to a different location, as well s some long weekend dive trips. Forest was also an active participant in the Discovery Expedition of Lewis & Clark and spent several months with the group.
Forest and his wife Pat would have been married 42 years on August 28. 2007. I know his choice would have been to go doing something he loved and not going thru a long process of suffering.

Forest is buried in the Owensboro Memorial Gardens, Garden of Faith, 5050 Kentucky Highway 144If anyone would like to contact Pat, he email is: If you would like to call her, the phone numbers are 270-929-0251 (cell) and270-685-1767 (home).

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