Listen Up Delta Company!

Fall in. Answer up. Be accounted for. Post a memory, photo, greeting or question. If nothing else post that you are still alive because some of us are likely to be glad you did.
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Listen Up Delta Company!

Postby Ron » Sun Feb 17, 2008 10:44 am

Greetings to those of Delta Co. and anyone else that may be viewing this message. This year Robert Stewart and myself are trying something new to this site relating to placing names or places to unidentifiable pictures of either our personal photo's or ones posted on the "Pictures To Identify" forum. I've recently begun to review my 'Nam slides after more and better software became available to enhance our photographs. It will take time as always in detailing and sorting out the bad ones from the salvageable ones.
What we're asking is that you make an effort in helping us in identifying these submitted pictures or even submitt ones that you're having problems with. There are those of us that don't have access to computers, but are willing to share their pics with us. If you know of anyone please contact them and pass this message on along. We're getting up in years and our memory is not as fresh in remembering who's who or where such photographs were taken. Dig through your closets, clean out the basement or attics and empty out that old duffle bag! :shock:
We don't hear or see about ones service pictures until someone passses away or becomes ill and a family memeber finds them stored somewhere in the home. So, how about it 'Old Reliables', are you going to be reliable in this new operation? These pictures can be posted to the 'Album Forum', or if needed, to the 'Pictures To Identify' forum for further detailing.
Thanks for any help of which you might and can give. :o

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