Past company commanders

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Past company commanders

Postby Ron » Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:28 pm

Vietnam veterans,

I don't know how many of you know about an historian who's a former company commander that was assigned to our unit back when the 6/31st first arrived in-country. That person was Capt. Grady Smith who is now carrying on as the 31st Regiment's historian. You can view his auto-biography through this link.[url][/url]

I remember Grady Smith from the 1st time when as a battalion we as the 6/31st moved from Cholon down to the Shell tank farm to secure the area. I was pulling security one night up in the watch tower right above the CP when there was an incoming rocket/mortar attack directed at the tank farm. Capt. Smith and his support all came alert with me trying to approximate the direction and range of the attack.
Was an interesting night to say the least!
One other thing of interest, is that Capt. Smith was the only Co. during my tour in 'Nam that I saw go shirtless back in base camp. Guess all the other commanders we're too visible to be out of uniform. :o

Anyway, if you get the chance try to check out Grady Smiths' link soon.

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