reporting in

Fall in. Answer up. Be accounted for. Post a memory, photo, greeting or question. If nothing else post that you are still alive because some of us are likely to be glad you did.
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reporting in

Postby 11B69 » Mon Jan 20, 2003 9:12 pm

Was with C/6/31 from july69 to march70. Was with C/3/60 riverines before that.
The eagle flight and air cushioned vehicle pictures bring back a lot of memories. I remember we went down into a large bomb crater one moonless cloudy night as we were screamin along on an ACV in the plain of reeds. Stopped on a dime! Had to get pulled out by another ACV.
Us grunts would be strapped to the sides like sittin ducks and when we would see the elephant grass matted down from the enemy we would get off and try to follow the trail but it was a labyrinth that never ended. We not only had to lookout for the enemy but there were also holes that were very deep and you couldn't tell because it was all water anyway, if you fell in and were weighted down with a 60 or whatever you could just disappear.
sit rep negative!
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Thanks for joining us 11B69

Postby Niner Alpha » Tue Jan 21, 2003 10:57 pm

Thanks for registering too. Your comments bring back memories to all of us. If you would like guys you used to know to recognize you, you might consider filling in a little of your profile. No telling who would be happy to know you are still alive and kicking.

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