Sister of Harold Frailey sends pictures.

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Sister of Harold Frailey sends pictures.

Postby Niner Alpha » Sun Oct 14, 2007 3:26 pm

Bruce Swander had sent me this email not long ago:

Just an FYI. Seven years ago I had done a posting at a geneological site trying to find Harold Frailey. He had been WIA on 28 June 68 when Baker/Siedel (C Co) were KIA, and was trying to locate him to get an eyewitness account.

Surprisingly, I just got this in from his sister:

My brother's name was Harold Clayton Frailey and he did serve in the Viet Nam war during 1968. He came home around March of 1969 and died from injuries substained in a car accident in Montgomery County, Georgia, June 1969. He DOD was June 11, 1969. He was the son of James Milton Frailey and Ina Mae Reynolds/Frailey.

Now his Sister Gloria has sent these photos of her brother in Nam and would like to hear from guys that knew him.

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