Anybody know anything about Bravo patches?

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Anybody know anything about Bravo patches?

Postby Niner Alpha » Fri Feb 03, 2017 6:07 pm

Alpha had a patch. Bravo had a patch. Echo had a patch. Don't think Delta or Charlie did... but be that as it may... the Bravo patch is the big possibly explainable question.

It seems the Bravo Bear was made with several different outline colors. The likely reason is that different platoons had different colors. Apparently there was a blue, red, green and yellow version. You can see an orange-red version on ebay any day that is obviously a reproduction for any amount of money you want to pay from about $4 and up.

The other day I saw a Yellow patch with a fat price on it that was offered as a real war time patch. I looked at it good and compared it to a known real Bravo patch that was in our album. The yellow one had a few glaring differences.. the "no sweat" was sewn over. The actual bear design was different, smaller, less well done, and the weapon has a different flash suppressor and less defined leg supports and the word "Mekong" was others that are obviously fakes as "MeKong" like it was two words with the capital K.

I sent the seller an email asking about it ,clearly expressing my skepticism, and he says it is genuine and that he knows it is because he has written more than a dozen books about special forces which makes him an expert about theater made patchs and everybody he knows thinks the patch is real. So... it must be real. I'm still skeptical.

I noticed another site where there are real collectors and one of them had the assortment of Bravo patches, including one that looked, without being able to closely examine it, very close to the one that I saw on ebay so maybe the seller isn't blowing smoke up my butt and it is genuine.

Take a look at the attached image. The blue one is real and a lot more detailed than the yellow one. Could the yellow one be real and people paid for a lesser version of the patch that is shown next to it? Maybe it was made by a different source at a different time?

Does anybody know what platoons went with what color. Obviously if there were four colors that would fit with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and HQ. And... is the yellow one pictured "real" or not?

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