Rick Falkenburg and the twilight zone

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Rick Falkenburg and the twilight zone

Postby Niner Alpha » Wed Dec 07, 2011 11:20 am

Jerry White is attempting to get a list of guys to invite to the next reunion. He got a response from one that reminds us of the kind of strange twilight zone aspect of finding guys we served with over 40 years ago.

Rick...I will pass this to Robert Stewart and see if he can post it on his site. With Mary Doyon ill, Robert's site is the only one of the three 31st related sites still active and being updated. Not sure if you have visited his site...but...if you have not....below is the link. It's a great site.....6/31st Wall, active message board...skype session every thursday........and super picture albums. I returned to Viet Nam last year and spent 2 weeks visiting our old haunts...lots of pictures, and Robert has even set up an album which contains all of these pictures.


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On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 11:44 PM, Rick Falkenberg wrote:

Rcvd the Email, thank you. My info from a couple years ago is still current. Richard A (Rick) Falkenberg - B Co. 3d Plt "69
PS: I would like to share a story from this past summer, but didn't know how to post it.

In Sept. this year, I went to Bonneville (Utah) Speed Week with a couple friends from town in SW Utah. My first trip there. On the 1st day we set up a pop-up awning along the spectator line of the longest speed course. Thousands of people line the course with RVs, pick-ups, & pop-up awnings stretching @ 4 miles. My buddies took off on their pit bikes & I stayed under the shade to film the cars speeding by. Half a dozen guys were under the awning next to mine, drinking beer, and swapping VN war stories. One guy was particularly vocal & was taking some grief from his buddies. He mentioned the mud a couple times & some of the other things he said struck a chord. I finally shouted over to him, "You don't know nothin' about MUD!" He kept on with his story-telling until I shouted, "Hey, who were you with?" He replies, "9th Division." I ask, "What battalion?" He says, "6th Bn 31st Infantry". "Yeah?.... What Company?" He says, "Bravo Company." Astounded, I ask, "What PLATOON???" "2nd Platoon." I go, "I was 3d Platoon !" We gape at each other until I shout, "Sick of the Dirty Worst !" and we jump up & throw our arms around each other. His name is Dick Cecil and we find out we were there at the same time. Though we didn't know each other, we remembered some of the same incidents, & hated the same Captain. We would have been in the same barracks when both platoons were in Dong Tam. We spent that day & the next reminiscing. So what are the chances 2 guys, from a group of about 130 out of 550,000 other guys, sit down 10' away from each other in a line of people 4 miles long - 42 years later?
Rick Falkenberg, Parowan, UT - RTO, 3d Plt B Co '69

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