Lance F. Bergstreser - Bravo Company 1968 - Deceased 2006

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Lance F. Bergstreser - Bravo Company 1968 - Deceased 2006

Postby Delta75 » Thu Jan 18, 2007 5:14 pm

Hello Bravo Company,

Albert Moore from the 9th Division Riverine association just sent me an email. It appears that Lance Bergstreser's wife (Sue) was told by her husband (prior to his death last year) that he had been assigned to a Riverine unit for some period of time while in Viet Nam. John Mott (his friend), appears to have done a web search and found the Riverine group, and using his wife's (Missy) email, sent Albert an email. Albert knows me and several other 6/31st guys; therefore, he forwarded John's message to me and others.

Based on old orders that we now have, it appears that Lance was assigned to Bravo Company in 1968 and later, apparently attached to the ACV unit.

So in summary. John is trying to help Lance's wife (Sue) locate some of Lance's old buddies from Viet Nam.

John's e-mail address is

Take Care
Jerry White
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