A story that comes to mind.

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A story that comes to mind.

Postby Niner Alpha » Tue Jun 11, 2002 11:31 pm

Jim Tierney and I have swapped a couple of emails lately. He sent me a jpg of his boonie hat. That prompts this memory.
In the rainy season, outside of Gettysburg, I was with the CP of Alpha and a squad of one platoon. It was night and we moved into a November Lima. We weren't far from Gettysburg and could actually see it outlined against the sky. The area we were in was wet and overgrown with reeds that grew in thick mats. We settled down in a place with the water over our ankles and spread out. But it was ok because the thick reeds when pressed down made a pretty good mattress.

At the time I was the RTO-ReconSGT. Mostly just RTO actually. In the CP was Captain George B. Lavazzi, Lt. Jerry Holderness as FO and besides me as Holderness' RTO was Joe Poole as Lavazzi's RTO.

We settled in and it was a misting rain coming down. When off watch, with the poncho covering and laying on the reed bed in the warm atmosphere, it was really kind of comfortable. Sometime in the early hours there was contact initiated by another squad a hundred meters off. A recoiless rifle was captured before the gooks got a chance to fire a round or two at Gettysburg.

The next morning the squad I was with got up and did the usual stuff, like taking in the claymores and eating whatever C rations they had. Then Joe Poole, the CO's RTO started acting a little upset.

"Ok, who took my hat?", he asked.

Nobody answered.

"Real funny, but I"m serious, time to give it back."

Nobody answered said anything.

"Alright you #$@%^&'s you are really &^%$$# ing me off now!"

No response.

Then after a few minutes a guy comes forward.

"Found this, Joe. Look like yours?"

The hat had the band chewed out. Some rat had taken it off of his head in the night and chewed the band for the salt content.

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