Branson Reunion Results

This forum was created for information about the very successful first battalion stand alone reunion in June of 2015. It remains to remember the success and perhaps to encourage planning of another such reunion in the future.

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Branson Reunion Results

Postby Delta75 » Mon Jun 08, 2015 7:54 am

Well the Branson Reunion is over and the results were truly outstanding. Robert Stewart and I were overjoyed at how many of our Brothers and their wives, friends, and family attended. Please find the attendance results below. The final totals might be ever higher after we pass the detailed attendance records by the men who attended.

The Memorial Service was unbelievably outstanding. Mike Moynahan, Chaplain Bill Burns, and Col Jack Logan provided us with a service to remember. This service was made even greater by the country music star Billy Dean singing a patriotic song for us during the service.

Not only did the Branson Reunion exceed the previously thought of as "unbeatable" 6/31st attendance record of 162 6/31st men who attended the 2007 San Antonio, 31st Regimental Reunion, coordinated by Chaplain Burns and his beautiful wife Florence.....Chaplain Burns himself broke the record when he registered as number 163. So not only did Chaplain Burns set the previous record for reunion attendance by 6/31st men, he broke his own record at Branson.

BTW: Our total Branson attendance of men, wives, family, and friends presently stands at might well be increased as men respond to our detailed attendance records which will be provided to all of our men for whom we have email addresses. Robert will also be posting this detailed reunion record on this website.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!!!!!!!! We had 45 men attending their very first reunion, and reuniting with their Brothers, many for the very first time, in over 45 years!!!!!

A: 26 New Record...old record 24
B: 40 New Record...old record 19
C: 46 New Record...old record 31
D: 52 Present Record is 81 from 2005 Columbus Reunion.
E: 14 Present Record is 25 from the 2007 San Antonio Reunion.
HHC: 10 Ties Record...old record 10.

Total: 188 New Record...old record 162.

Robert will soon be posting reunion pictures in the Album section of this website. A HUGE thanks goes out to John McDonough of Bravo Company who volunteered to serve as our reunion photographer. He has the equipment and he definitely knows what he is doing. Thanks John!!!!

Another HUGE thanks to the folks who volunteered to support our reunion sign up tables at both the Towers and Angel Inn hotels!

Without a was a SUPER reunion.

My Best to All
Jerry White
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Re: Branson Reunion Results

Postby Niner Alpha » Mon Jun 08, 2015 4:55 pm

I just got home and it will take a while to sort out all I have to post here at the site. I want to extend my thanks to all who had faith enough in what Jerry and I undertook creating the first stand alone reunion and who attended with the expectation of meeting old brothers in arms and having a good time. From what guys have been telling me I'd say it was mission accomplished. I also want to thank the many guys who freely gave us funds that paid for the searches and post cards and stamps and the 44 cases of beer and many cases of soda and as it turned out not enough bottled water. All the funds received were spent on the reunion, less $50 and I think I may owe Jerry at least some of it. But what I'm going to do with it, less any I owe Jerry, is use it toward this site.

I also want to thank the guys that bought the Octobear pins that were specially struck for the reunion. I'll have to see how many I have left and I'll offer them to anyone who wants one who will contribute to the support of the site at least $20.

I'll post a few photos now to give a general idea to those who didn't attend. There are John McDonough's photos I haven't even taken a good look at yet. I'm counting on his photos producing some really good company group shots.

Check back into the site in the coming days as much will be added.
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Re: Branson Reunion Results

Postby Delta75 » Mon Jun 08, 2015 5:02 pm

Robert......please use all of the remaining money that I might be owed to keep this site running. It will be money well spent.

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Re: Branson Reunion Results

Postby Niner Alpha » Mon Jun 08, 2015 6:57 pm

If you were wondering who attended:

Akers Richard D. (Rick) ALPHA
Allshouse Gary D. ALPHA
Barrix Terry ALPHA
Bennett Floyd V. MSG ALPHA
Brown Alan T. ALPHA
Cedars Carl S SP4 ALPHA
Danukos George (Stan) ALPHA
Dean Richard ALPHA
Driscoll Bruce E. ALPHA
Edwards Tony C. SP4 ALPHA
Harms Robert (Bob) ALPHA
Haug John L. SP4 ALPHA
Headen Phillip ALPHA
Holderness Jerry ALPHA
McWhorter Larry "Doc" ALPHA
Moynahan James M. (Mike) ALPHA
O'Mara Pat ALPHA
Petrie Norman D. ALPHA
Plymesser John W SP4 ALPHA
Rios Edmundo E SGT ALPHA
Schiebenes Robert E. PFC ALPHA
Silver Michael SP4 ALPHA
Stewart Robert E. ALPHA
Swann Brian M. (Doc) SSG ALPHA
Thilmony Larry PFC ALPHA
Tyo James ALPHA

Adams Bobby W. BRAVO
Arkfeld Gerald BRAVO
Battles Alan BRAVO
Behrend Duane "Butch" BRAVO
Bellomy Darrell W. SP4 BRAVO
Bible Artie BRAVO
Brohl Tom BRAVO
Brown Gilbert N. SGT BRAVO
Carter Laverne A. (Buddy) SGT BRAVO
Coats Gary S SGT BRAVO
Current Richard BRAVO
Daly Patrick PFC BRAVO
Follmer Dennis BRAVO
Grenier Gabe BRAVO
Haworth Richard L. SSG BRAVO
Haywood Lew BRAVO
Jackson Stewart BRAVO
Jones Jon BRAVO
Kitching Brian BRAVO
Klemme Donald D. SGT BRAVO
Klepinger James R. BRAVO
Marchal Larry J. BRAVO
Martinez Robert A. (Bob) SP4 BRAVO
McBride Fred L. SGT BRAVO
McDonough John T. BRAVO
McIntosh John (Mac) M. SP4 BRAVO
Mudd Mark W. BRAVO
Nicolin Michael G. PFC BRAVO
O'Hara John J. BRAVO
Rebischke Dick BRAVO
Reyna Luis A. SGT BRAVO
Schumacher Alvin BRAVO
Schwalbach Robert (Bob) O. SP4 BRAVO
Simpson Alton "Buddy" BRAVO
Sirtola William (Bill) L. BRAVO
Snyders Gerald SP4 BRAVO
Stewart Robert R. 1LT BRAVO
Thullen Evertts BRAVO
Townley Robert (Bob) SP4 BRAVO
Western John S SP4 BRAVO
Womack Billy SGT BRAVO
Ziegler Francis J. "Ziggy" PFC BRAVO

Balthrop Jimmy PFC CHARLIE
Clark, Jr James T PFC CHARLIE
Curruthers Richard CHARLIE
Daubs Larry CHARLIE
Dixon Bill CHARLIE
Espino Ramon L. CHARLIE
Garza Richard R. SP4 CHARLIE
Greene Lawrence G. 2LT CHARLIE
Halfacre Noah 1LT CHARLIE
Harmon Dennis R SGT CHARLIE
Harter Michael L. 1LT CHARLIE
Havermale Patrick "Doc" CHARLIE
Hetner William D. (Bill) CHARLIE
Hogan John R "Doc" PFC CHARLIE
Inderrieden Dan CHARLIE
Johnson Eddie CHARLIE
Kalinowski Larry J SGT CHARLIE
Kalota Dennis J. SSG CHARLIE
La Marche Bob CHARLIE
Lewis William CHARLIE
Luft William M. SGT CHARLIE
Mauldin George R. CPT CHARLIE
McCullough Edgar (Tom) PFC CHARLIE
Meeks Curtis W. CHARLIE
Menton Willie D. SP5 CHARLIE
Meza James CHARLIE
Michael James C. (Doc) CHARLIE
Moxley Richard CHARLIE
Nollette Peter PFC CHARLIE
Northey Thomas SP4 CHARLIE
Patterson George F SP4 CHARLIE
Ponder Ronnie CHARLIE
Prather Daryl CHARLIE
Price Harold SP5 CHARLIE
Rhea Charles L SP4 CHARLIE
Roberson Jerry CHARLIE
Robinson Alan B. SGT CHARLIE
Rojas Demetrio PFC CHARLIE
Smith Larry A. (Smitty) SP4 CHARLIE
Talamo Louis SP4 CHARLIE
Thornton Jack R. (Mudball) CHARLIE
Wright George "Tracy" CHARLIE
Wylie Ronald SGT CHARLIE

Alonzo Frank "Doc" DELTA
Alvarado Roland SGT DELTA
Barr Charles E. SGT DELTA
Bayer John LT DELTA
Berg Alvin R. DELTA
Betzer Darwin E. SGT DELTA
Carrillo Fernando DELTA
Clement Randy B. DELTA
Clock Ernest (Ed) DELTA
Dorn Richard H. LT DELTA
Frenyea Robert J. DELTA
Harris Warren L. DELTA
Hasty Jerry L. SGT DELTA
Havens Virgil SGT DELTA
Havron Rex A. SGT DELTA
Herriff Keith M. DELTA
Hess Lloyd DELTA
Howdeshelt John H. DELTA
Hurley Lawrence H. DELTA
Kennedy W. David 2LT DELTA
Locke Terry A. SGT DELTA
Lower Harry DELTA
Martin Samuel A. LT DELTA
McKnight Bobby DELTA
Medley James Willard DELTA
Miller Thomas (Doc) SP4 DELTA
Moran Gary DELTA
Morrison Daniel DELTA
Nesbitt Gary D. DELTA
Olson Gerard (Jerry) E. DELTA
Ouellette Ronnie DELTA
Pilkinton Johnny M. "Pinky" DELTA
Pulvirenti Al DELTA
Quisenberry David (James) CPT DELTA
Ray Rick DELTA
Raymond Ron SGT DELTA
Rideout Charles E. DELTA
Sanchez Fred SGT DELTA
Schneider Timothy J. DELTA
Schoenherr Raymond D. (Blackie) DELTA
Sheridan Dennis (Doc) DELTA
Strobel Richard DELTA
Talley Earnest B. DELTA
Tapp Charles SSG DELTA
Trentini John DELTA
Vargas Alberto (Big Al) DELTA
Walker Dennis K. SGT DELTA
Warnecke Allen (Cherry Boy) M. DELTA
Weckwerth Gary A. DELTA
Weiss Joe DELTA
White Jerry SSG DELTA
Wood Daniel DELTA

Bledsoe David ECHO
Cain Al ECHO
Cook Otis SP4 ECHO
Haas Kenneth L. SGT ECHO
Hodge John D. SGT ECHO
Knaebel Joseph F. SP4 ECHO
Krone Rhett ECHO
McMahan James S. ECHO
Munson Terry ECHO
Rigby D'arcy A. ECHO
Stofflet George W. ECHO
Thompson Terry ECHO
Williamson Robert K. (Zeke) ECHO

Burns William G. CPT HHC
Colsch Merrell HHC
Cross Wayne V. "Doc" HHC
Damrill Ronald E. HHC
Frazier Larry HHC
Logan Jack R. LTC HHC
Rodriquez Thomas G. SGT HHC
Samra Norman HHC
Triner Stephen J. SP5 HHC

190 6/31st Men only Reunion Record Variance

26 Alpha 24 2 New Record
42 Bravo 19 21 New Record
48 Charlie 31 17 New Record
52 Delta 81 -29
13 Echo 25 -12
9 HHC 10 -1

190 Total 162 28 New Record

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