The latest and last reunion update email

This forum was created for information about the very successful first battalion stand alone reunion in June of 2015. It remains to remember the success and perhaps to encourage planning of another such reunion in the future.

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The latest and last reunion update email

Postby Niner Alpha » Tue May 26, 2015 3:42 pm

Sent this out today to those on my email list.

Next week will be the start of an event long in the planning. It’s going to be played out in several places over three days and with all the various individual choices made by attendees , some clarification is worth stating or repeating.
I’ll attach a Google image that will give you an idea of locations and how far they are apart. With the exception of the Starlite Theatre being in sight of the Angel Inn by the Strip, these places aren’t in walking distance.
LOCATIONS, particularly if you are driving, this is a list of the main reunion locations. You will want to put them into your GPS .
Main HQ and reunion hotel…………… Branson Towers. 236 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway
Second official Hotel………. Angel Inn by the Strip. 3027 A West 76 County Blvd
Memorial event location…………………Starlite Theartre. 3115 W 76 County Blvd.
Branson Belle Dinner cruise………………….Branson Belle landing. 4800 Missouri 165
If you have paid me, Robert Stewart, for the Ride the Ducks and Branson Belle you must meet the Duck ride at the reunion hotel where you originally reserved a room and be there on Friday June 5, at 1:45 pm. Departure time might run slightly later but be on hand. If you have canceled an Angel Inn by the Strip reservation for a Branson Tower room, at least one couple has, you still need to get on the Duck at the Angel Inn by the Strip because you were counted there originally and there are passenger limitations per Duck. If you are staying somewhere other than the official reunion hotels, and aren’t in the Bennett family group who are joining at the Angel Inn by the Strip, you should join the Duck ride at the Branson Towers.
If you have paid me, Robert Stewart, for the Branson Belle Dinner Cruise but have opted out of the Duck ride then you should meet the Duck group at the Branson Belle Landing, 4800 Missouri 165, and be there at 3:00 pm June 5. Seating tickets will be handed out at the Branson Belle to Duck riders and non Duck riders alike and you should join whatever group, within the Duck party, if you wish to sit together.
If you have belatedly paid the Branson Belle venue directly you should follow whatever instructions you were given for boarding and not get in with the group of people that have pre paid. If you do it would cause a headcount problem for those who had paid through me because, unlike you , none of them have individual confirmation information due to the way the Belle group manager operates with groups.
When the Belle cruise is over, it goes without saying, that you should be sure to get back on the same Duck that brought you, otherwise Towers people could end up at the Angel Inn or the reverse could happen.

When you get to Branson and check into the reunion hotels we will have tables set up at each location in sight, hopefully, of the hotel check in desk, for greeting arrivals. We have a few volunteers for the Towers to help with this , we could use some at the Angel Inn by the strip because at the moment it’s looking like just me for sure, although I’m personally staying at the Towers. At this greeting juncture you will be asked to sign the guestbook so we will know who is in attendance. We will hand out name tags to all attending. We will hand out small commemorative reunion badges to everyone for as long as 400 will supply that purpose. We will hand out information about the reunion that people will want to know. If anybody wants one of the remaining 70 or so specially struck reunion commemorative pins see me, and with a donation to continue my website into the future, that exceeds the actual cost of making one of them, I’ll gladly hand you a pin in thanks and as a memento.

We will have the main gathering space , and during certain hours, a second large breakfast area to our exclusive use, at the Branson Towers throughout the reunion beginning on Wednesday night for early attendees. The Angel Inn by the Strip greeting room will be open starting on Thursday. We will have refreshments… as much as $1100 will buy… from money donated to us for this reunion project by individual veterans. The refreshments at both hotels will include beer, soft drinks and bottled water. The only requirement we have on the beer is that, by hotel requirement at both hotels, we confine our alcohol consumption to the meeting rooms only and not be drinking in the general public areas of the hotels.

The memorial service will be held at that Startlite Theatre at 10:00 am on Saturday June 6. Some of us are going to the Billy Dean show that night at the Starlite Theatre at discounted prices. Tickets are $25 plus tax per person 417-337-9333 for reservations if you are interested. Say you are with the 6th of the 31st group for the discounted ticket price.
We expect to have some other features going on at the Branson Towers… photos playing on the TV from the album. Company markers on tables to help groups identify each other. Jerry will also have information available for the thousands of guys we have acquired information on over the years divided by company. Jerry has some music of the era CDs made to hand out and to play at the reunion in complement to the photo display.
Don’t forget your “free” breakfast in the mornings …. Although I never have been excited about hotel free breakfasts, I’m told the hotels don’t’ skimp on the spread though. We’ll see.

This is the big one as far as reunions go…. at least for me and Jerry. And… this will be the last one for a lot of us ….and that likely includes myself. I’ll admit I’m pretty nervous about the whole thing because of being in the driver’s seat. But being a little nervous before doing something you take seriously is generally a good omen and I look forward to seeing how it all plays out. This event is likely to be remembered by most of us for a long time to come. See you in Branson.

Robert Stewart
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