Branson Belle update for those still interested May 11

This forum was created for information about the very successful first battalion stand alone reunion in June of 2015. It remains to remember the success and perhaps to encourage planning of another such reunion in the future.

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Branson Belle update for those still interested May 11

Postby Niner Alpha » Mon May 11, 2015 10:42 am

Several people have just now expressed interest after the cutoff date. The Ducks are a done deal but there may be hope for the Branson Belle if you are interested. You will have to buy your tickets direct and it would be best to do it soon.

My contact Cameron Hanson responded to my question:

I have already spoken to Gail Michael about this very issue.
Any member of the company is more than welcome to call our box office or reservation line to secure seats for that cruise. If they have their military IDs, they can even purchase tickets at a discount. At this point I cannot guarantee that they will sit with the group, but if they mention the name of the reunion, the box office is usually pretty good about reserving seats that are close.


The phone number is 1-800-417-7770. to secure tickets. And these tickets will not be handed out at the boat the same way those already booked in the group will be. You must follow whatever directions you get from the venue as to boarding information.

If asked for a confirmation group number to be seated as near as possible to the group tell them 6THP2035646

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