The May 8, reunion update email

This forum was created for information about the very successful first battalion stand alone reunion in June of 2015. It remains to remember the success and perhaps to encourage planning of another such reunion in the future.

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The May 8, reunion update email

Postby Niner Alpha » Fri May 08, 2015 12:00 pm

This is a copy of what I just emailed out:

This is close to the last update before the 6th of the 31st Stand Alone reunion gets underway June 4, 2015 in Branson Missouri. If you are now feeling a sudden urge to attend there are still rooms available at our overflow hotel, the Angel Inn by the Strip. The rooms are a reasonable $60 a night plus tax for a single or double and the phone number to reserve a room is 417-336-5151. Say you are with the 6th battalion 31st Infantry group for the discounted rate. And be sure you get the Angel Inn by the Strip and not another Angel Inn. There is another Angel Inn in Branson and a Google search will bring it up more likely than the right hotel because the correct hotel used to be called the Branson Hotel up until recently when it was renamed.

The Ride the Ducks and Branson Belle adventure is all settled and paid for from money sent in. There will be 122 people riding the Ducks and others will meet us at the landing at 3:00pm on June 5, to bring the total Show Boat and Dinner Cruise list to 144 people. One Duck will pick up from the Angel Inn by the Strip and three Ducks will pick up at the Branson Towers. I’ll post the list of names on the if you want to be assured your money was received and you were counted. And… since we went over a 100 people on the Belle, which we couldn’t know to begin with, and this earned us a discount of about $4 a head to use in our refreshment fund for the two hotels….unless you want it back, in which case I can send you a check.

To start with the idea was that the reunion souvenir buttons were only going to be given out to veterans. Now we have ordered some more so everybody, including wives and guests of veterans, will get one…at least as far as 400 will serve that purpose.

At the moment, my forecast is that we should see about 185 former 6/31st guys at the reunion. Many will bring wives, although about a fifth of them will come alone. We have at least one widow of a man who died in Vietnam and there is one old Alpha 1st shirt with the largest group as he is bringing a party of five family members with him.

We will have a desk set up at both the main hotel, Branson Towers, and at the secondary hotel, Angel Inn by the Strip, with a guest book for you to sign and to receive name tags, souvenir buttons and agenda sheets. This will be on Thursday evening and Thursday night. We could use a volunteer to help with this at either hotel if anyone wants to volunteer. This will give Jerry and me a little wiggle room if we need to make some arrangements about anything that crops up that needs handling. If you arrive after Thursday, the guest books and name tags and buttons will still be available.

We will have essentially two greeting rooms at the Branson Towers. We will have one large meeting room with a door that leads to the breakfast room. We will have use of the breakfast room in hours it is not being used for general hotel guests. There is also a greeting and meeting room at the Angel Inn, but no additional room because we will have no need. And while I’m thinking about it, the hotels have no problem with us bringing in and providing beer as part of our refreshment offering, but no beer containers are allowed outside of the meeting room area. They don’t want to scandalize or upset families that may also be staying at the hotels.

The Starlite Theatre, just down the street, and in sight of, the Angel Inn by the Strip, has kindly let us use their facility for our Memorial service on Saturday morning at 10:00am. Billy Dean, who is appearing at the venue will sing us a song. If you want to catch Dean’s show, or the Texas Tenors, we are being offered discounted tickets of $25 plus tax under the 6th Battalion 31st Infantry special rate. 417-337-9333 to book tickets. See 6thof the or the Facebook page for more information.

The time is drawing near. Hope to see you in Branson.

Robert Stewart
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Re: The May 8, reunion update email

Postby Niner Alpha » Fri May 08, 2015 12:03 pm

The Ducks and the Belle have been paid. The following people have been accounted for, along with any wives or other party they have paid to include in either the joint Ride the Ducks and Branson Belle Dinner cruise, or just the Branson Belle Dinner Cruise. A total of 122 people have had the fee paid for Ride the Ducks and 144 tickets have been reserved and paid for the Branson Belle Dinner Cruise.

Lawrence and Mary Hurley
Richard Haworth
Luis Reyna
Rex Havron
Kenneth Haas
Jerry Hasty
Earnest Talley
Robert Schiebenes Jr
David Tyo
Ronald Wylie
Dennis Kalota
Thomas Rosati
Dennis Walker
Wayne Cross
Timothy Schneider
John Western
Edmundo Rios
W. D. Kennedy
John Howdeshelt
Jack Logan
Terry Locke
A. Warnecke
R. Ken Williamson
John Hodge
Fred McBride
Mark Mudd
Mike Hafer
Richard Dorn
Jerry Holderness
Bob Stewart
Larry Thilmony
James Medley
John Trentini
Gerard Olson
Gilbert Brown
Chuck Barr
Gary Allshouse
Johnny Pilkington
Gary Weckworth
Gary Coats
Terry Munson
Norman Samara
Bob Martinez
Darwin Betzer
John Haug
Terry McFadon
Charlie Tapp
Harold Price
Ronald Damrill
Brian Kitching
Floyd Bennett
Gary Moran
Stephen Triner
Merrell Colsch
Anthony G. Caliva
Larry Rich
Laverne "Buddy" Carter
Kenneth Odom
Robert Stewart
Jerry White
Mike Silver
J. C. Turner
Bruce Driscoll
James T. Clark
Warren Harris, Jr
Billy Womack
Francis , Jerry, Ziegler
William Burns
Ron Raymond
Ramon Espino
Otis Cook
Alan Brown
Wallace Ashe
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Re: The May 8, reunion update email

Postby Niner Alpha » Sun May 10, 2015 10:28 am

There have been a few people who suddenly now have the urge to join the Ride the Ducks and the Dinner Cruise that have contacted me in the last several days. The deadline has passed and the fees have been paid for those who sent in their money. There is no way to join the Duck ride to the Belle as the seats are accounted for within the limitations of four vehicles. However, there may be a way to join the dinner cruise by buying tickets directly and joining the group at the landing. How many seats on the Belle that are remaining for general purchase is unknown to me. However, if you can buy tickets by phone you may or may not be sitting with the group. I'm attempting to find out if there is a way to buy tickets and sit with the group by perhaps some group code when buying directly from the venue. I won't know anything until probably Monday.

Some of this problem was caused by recent contacts that were made concentrating on awareness of the reunion itself and not mentioning the incidentals in the process. More than a few people have been reaching out to others to invite people to the reunion . Much of the problem is caused by people not deciding what they wanted to do and procrastinating beyond the cutoff date.

However, I feel most people got the word and most people that were interested in this side trip were prompt in getting their money to me in plenty of time. For this I'm grateful. This problem will only involve a handful of people and I hope to offer at least a possible solution. We want everybody who attends the reunion to have a good time and feel wanted and appreciated and not locked out of this Branson Belle side trip if there is any solution available. But... I won't know until I can talk with my Branson Belle group sales contact.

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