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April 15 update

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 12:18 pm
by Niner Alpha
I sent out this message in a mass email. Fifteen bounced because of one reason or the other but it reads as follows , with one minor correction about half way through the mailings. Seems I had put Mike Moynahan down as having been a 1st platoon leader and then it came to me he was 2nd platoon and so some messages have him 1st and some 2nd but the important message was that he was in charge of the Memorial service and I got that right in all the messages.

April 15, 2015 Update.

The numbers are still moving upward in hotel reservations. Now 39 rooms have been reserved at our overflow hotel, the Angel Inn by the Strip located in the heart of the entertainment district at 3027 A West 76 County Blvd. We are likely to go over the record for most 6/31st guys at any reunion set at a 31st Regiment reunion in 2007 in the next day or two judging by reservation count from the two hotels.

The money is still coming in for Ducks and Belle. At the moment we are just under 100 people who will do the Branson Belle, including about a dozen who won’t be doing the Ride the Ducks as part of the adventure. I will continue to acknowledge receipt of money for the Ducks/Belle trip. At the start I sent out both emails and postcards as receipts but now will only send out postcards to those without email addresses to acknowledge receiving checks. All money should be to me by the 24th of this month if you want to participate.

After talking with my Ride the Duck contact person it is planned now to have one Duck pick up people staying at the Angel Inn so people staying there won’t have to go to the Branson Towers to begin the Duck trip. If you are staying someplace other than the reunion hotels…and several people are… come to the Branson Towers to begin the Duck ride.

There was a problem in recent weeks caused by me posting images of the wrong Angel Inn on my website and showing the wrong physical address. Besides this mistake, the hotel sent out some old form email confirmations mentioning the old hotel name, Hotel Branson, which was the name before the recent change of ownership and name change. These gaffs caused some confusion. But the phone number was correct in every online notice, and so was the hotel name, so if you got a reservation by the phone number you reserved a room at the right hotel. My website opening page now has the right photos and the right location physical address posted. This error was my fault and I apologize for any confusion it caused.

The memorial service at the Starlite Theatre, within sight of the Angel Inn, is now under the direction of former Alpha 2nd Platoon leader Mike Moynahan and Jerry White , overall reunion co-chairman, has taken a supporting, rather than leading, role in this. Also, there is this new announcement. Thanks to the family of our last battalion commander, the late Col. Cornelius Gearin, and with the help of our remaining living battalion commander, Col. Jack Login, taking responsibility for the flag, we will be seeing our battalion Color at the Memorial ceremony. This is the first time it’s been seen at any reunion since the war.

If you have a Skype account, we have Skype chats every Thursday night starting at 7 pm Central time. If you want to join us just request a Skype contact with x9eralpha. Say you are connected to the 6/31st and I’ll add you to my contacts and add you into the group chat if I see you are online at any time during the chat. Skype is free to join and free to use. It is best to have some headphones to avoid feedback, but it isn’t necessary.

More updates by the end of the month.

Robert Stewart