Money received for Ducks and Belle so far

This forum was created for information about the very successful first battalion stand alone reunion in June of 2015. It remains to remember the success and perhaps to encourage planning of another such reunion in the future.

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Money received for Ducks and Belle so far

Postby Niner Alpha » Sat Apr 11, 2015 10:29 am

I have checks from the following people as of yesterday shown in the attachment. If you have sent money sometime in the past few weeks and don't see your name something went wrong with the mail . In addition to this list I got one check yesterday for 4 people for only the Belle that was $20 short of the needed total and I mailed it back to the sender to correct his addition error.

There is one person and his wife accounted for on the trip but not showing. That person is Ken Odom, who gave us $500 seed money for the post cards and search and he is getting a comp trip. Jerry White and myself aren't shown in the list but will be accounted for in the final payments. The numbers will reflect some that want to take the complete package and some who want to just do the Belle dinner cruise. The figures will also reflect the numbers of people in each party. One total reflects one seven year old in the party at a special discounted rate for the Belle and the Ducks.
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Re: Money received for Ducks and Belle so far

Postby Niner Alpha » Wed Apr 22, 2015 4:23 pm

The list of people who are on the paid list as of today with various numbers of guests and some with the Ducks and some not. There are a few more in the mail but the cut off date for receiving funds is this weekend.

03/06/15 Lawrence and Mary Hurley
03/06/15 Richard Haworth
03/09/15 Luis Reyna and wife
03/12/15 Rex Havron
03/12/15 Kenneth Haas
03/13/15 Jerry Hasty
03/14/15 Earnest Talley
03/14/15 Robert Schiebenes Jr
03/14/15 David Tyo
03/17/15 Ronald Wylie
03/17/15 Dennis Kalota
03/17/15 Thomas Rosati
03/17/15 Dennis Walker
03/17/15 Wayne Cross
03/20/15 Timothy Schneider
03/21/15 John Western
03/21/15 Edmundo Rios
03/21/15 W. D. Kennedy
03/21/15 John Howdeshelt
03/22/15 Jack Logan
03/22/15 Terry Locke
03/24/15 A. Warnecke
03/24/15 R. Ken Williamson
03/26/15 John Hodge
03/27/15 Fred McBride
03/28/15 Mark Mudd
03/28/15 Mike Hafer
03/30/15 Richard Dorn
03/30/15 Jerry Holderness
04/02/15 Bob Stewart
04/03/15 Larry Thilmony
04/03/15 James Medley
04/03/15 John Trentini
04/03/15 Gerard Olson
04/03/15 Gilbert Brown
04/04/15 Chuck Barr
04/06/15 Gary Allshouse
04/06/15 Johnny Pilkington
04/06/15 Gary Weckworth
04/06/15 Gary Coats
04/08/15 Terry Munson
04/08/15 Norman Samara
04/09/15 Bob Martinez
04/09/15 Darwin Betzer
04/10/15 John Haug
04/11/15 Terry McFadon
04/13/15 Charlie Tapp
04/13/15 Harold Price
04/13/15 Ronald Damrill
04/15/15 Brian Kitching
04/16/15 Floyd Bennett
04/17/15 Gary Moran
04/17/15 Stephen Triner
04/17/15 Merrell Colsch
04/17/15 Anthony G. Caliva
04/18/15 Larry Rich
04/18/15 Laverne "Buddy" Carter
04/18/15 Kenneth Odom
04/18/15 Robert Stewart
04/18/15 Jerry White
04/22/15 Mike Silver
04/22/15 J. C. Turner
04/22/15 Bruce Driscoll
04/22/15 James T. Clark
04/22/15 Warren Harris, Jr
04/22/15 Billy Womack
04/22/15 Francis , Jerry, Ziegler

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