March update and announcement

This forum was created for information about the very successful first battalion stand alone reunion in June of 2015. It remains to remember the success and perhaps to encourage planning of another such reunion in the future.

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March update and announcement

Postby Niner Alpha » Thu Mar 05, 2015 4:29 pm

I sent out this message in a mass email. Some emails bounced, some might have the message lost in the spam. But... if you didn't get it in an email:

With the 6th of the 31st reunion now 90 days away, if you haven’t made your plans yet to attend because you were waiting to see what the level of interest would be, then wait no longer. This reunion is going to be a big success judging by the number of reservations at 90 days ahead of the event. We are close to filling our room quota at the Branson Towers. When we do fill our allowed capacity people will be directed to the alternate hotel seven minutes away, which has the same rates, same quality, and also the same kind of free breakfast . As of this morning, there were still some rooms available at the Branson Towers. Our contact at the Branson Towers sent this message yesterday:

“I just spoke with my General Manager. We will have a note on your group that when the last room is gone that we will give them Angel Inn by the Strip number (417-336-5151) and have them call there. If you could send out an email or Facebook post at that point, maybe you could even include the phone number for that property.”

The Branson Belle Showboat and Ride the Duck adventure option is nearing the point where the head count will have to end. (The Ride the Ducks also transporting you to the Belle dinner cruise and back to the hotel in addition to a 70 minute tour.) After March 15 any new expressed interest will have to check with me for availability in order to be added because of reserved ticket numbers and deposit levels made. As of the moment 67 people have expressed a desire to take both the Ducks and the Belle. Eight more have expressed interest in just the Branson Belle. If you are among the interested who have already confirmed their interest with me you need only make your payment. You need not contact me further. I ask that everyone’s trip payment be in my hands by April 24, 2015. The total, including tax and tip for both the Belle dinner and the Duck captains is included in the $76.36 per person amount. If you are interested in only the Branson Belle dinner and show cruise by itself, and can get to the boat by your own transportation, the price total is $48.36 per person. Send your check made out to me, Robert Stewart, 404 Thornton Place, Mobile Alabama 36609 and to arrive in my hands by no later than April 24, 2015. I will be paying the venues in a lump sum and my name is on the contracts. I will send those participating in this, after receiving your payment, a stamped mail confirmation as a receipt. Be sure to include name, address, phone number when you send your check if the check doesn’t include it. Between now and March 15, anyone who hasn’t expressed interest already, who is interested, should contact me at so I can put your name on the list as counted with your payment due by April 24, 2015.

We know some people are going to have other accommodations. We know of two who are coming to the reunion by motor home and will be staying at an RV park. We know of another that will be staying at a hotel he has used before that is pet friendly. There are a few that will be staying with relatives in the vicinity. If you are going and not staying at the Branson Towers, it’s fine with us as long as you know where the headquarters is located. If you would let me or Jerry White know your arrangements so we can keep track of who we know who is going to attend, we would appreciate it.

One other thing, if you are going, why not contact guys you served with and encourage them to attend too. If you only know the names of some of the guys you would like to contact, let Jerry White or me know who they are and the chances are we have some kind of contact information; address, phone number, and, or, email address. The more people at the reunion that you served along side of the more interesting it will be. And remember.... this is the first ever 6th of the 31st stand alone reunion.... and it may be the last. Don't let it get pass you without at least thinking about attending.

Robert Stewart

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