How the Branson Belle Cruise is going

This forum was created for information about the very successful first battalion stand alone reunion in June of 2015. It remains to remember the success and perhaps to encourage planning of another such reunion in the future.

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How the Branson Belle Cruise is going

Postby Niner Alpha » Wed Feb 25, 2015 1:22 pm

So far we have 53 people that want to go on the ducks and the cruise. We have a few additional people that have expressed interest in the cruise only. We are reserving with a deposit a hundred seats on the Branson Belle for the June 5 afternoon cruise. If you want to get to the boat by your own transportation and not take the Duck excursion at a $28 reduction per person price that is fine and you can meet the group at the Boat and receive your tickets. Closing date for reserving a place on the Belle will depend on numbers of responses received, but I would like to lock this down by the middle of March with the payments due by the end of April so I can send the money in to both the Belle and the Ducks by the end of the first week in May.

At the moment everybody who has a hotel reservation has been contacted as to if they are interested or not. The dozen or so people without email addresses have been sent mail with the information and I'm awaiting their expression of interest or lack thereof. As the reservations continue, and as the space remains, I'll be letting every new reservation guest know by email or by conventional mail and seeking their choice. You don't have to stay at the Branson Towers to go on this excursion. You do have to let me know you wished though.

The last thing I want to happen is when the reunion gets here to have people say to me....but I didn't know. Can I get on the Ducks with the rest? Can I show up at the Belle and sit with the group? I can pay now... The answers to those questions will probably not be what they want to hear. So... keep this in mind.

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