New Branson target and status as of now 12/28

This forum was created for information about the very successful first battalion stand alone reunion in June of 2015. It remains to remember the success and perhaps to encourage planning of another such reunion in the future.

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New Branson target and status as of now 12/28

Postby Niner Alpha » Sun Dec 28, 2014 6:36 pm

As of the moment, I've received a few positive responses to the new target location. At least one has let me know that he didn't get the email asking for a reaction to the change in location so I'm going to send out another mass email tomorrow asking again for responses from those who are seriously interested.

I don't foresee any problem in getting a location in Branson. I've gotten another lead today on a different place that I hadn't placed a question with and Jerry has just yesterday told me of one of his Delta guys that has a relative in the Branson chamber of commerce tourist promotion business. The largest problem is if there is enough interest left after the failed attempt to nail down a location and agenda for Nashville. This was my fault for letting the Nashville search drag on so long without any positive result. However, now with less seeming interest, nobody would want to show up to the first ever stand alone battalion reunion and find that only a dozen people have shown up. And I don't want to go ahead with this if it is likely to turn out like that. And... granted... we would expect to reach out to a lot of guys who haven't heard about any of this reunion stuff before because they aren't computer addicted and who only have mail addresses and, or , phone numbers. But if the ones we can easily reach aren't much interested we are doomed from the start.

I think there is a reunion event still very possible. And it's possible to have it and it be a big success. But.... we have to get some support generated now to make it happen.

Here are ALL the positive responses I've gotten so far from the email I recently sent out:

I would be interested in attending in Branson,
Joe Knaebel

I am committed to attend wherever you hold the reunion. My main concern, and I know yours also, is how many will attend. When you throw in air fare the cost for a couple is sizable. I hope we can pull this off but attendance is all important.
Thanks for all you do for all of us.
Jack Logan.

Cost for Branson looks OK
Bruce K.

I still prefer Nashville, easier for a flight destination, if another date (is that an option ?) doesn’t work for Nashville I would still plan to attend at Branson. I’m okay with either option, thinking the first may give some more flexibility rather than being locked into a “package”. Thanks for your hard work and update.
Gary Weckwerth

I would be open to the new venue if it works out.
Terry Munson

Dear rob, I would be interested in making it.
Thanks, tom miller

I'm still in.
Bob Mutascio

We are still interested and whichever venue you choose is fine with me.
Rick Mickels

Price is OK.
Let me check on how the location fits for that timeframe.
Mike Harter

What about accommodations for a motor home within the scope of the hotels. There
was one we visited last year and they had spaces for motor homes.
Sent from my Huawei Mobile ctstradley

Yes I am interested and would probably attend with my wife.

Yes, we are interested in the revised plan. Those prices are suitable to our budget and Branson sounds like a good location.We would plan on attending.
Lawrence Hurley

I will be there, I hope I see Dennis Walker, what a soldier he was! Robert keep me informed....Charlie Salisbury

Although I turned down Nashville, my wife and I are very interested in Branson. We definitely will attend. We would like a double, non-smoking (if it's offered) at the Grand Plaza. Early June is a good time for us.
Dave Rice

I and my events planner would be very interested and have no problem with the cost as of today.
Floyd Jones.

Brason is ok with me. My wife and I do plan to attend if at all possible.
Nelton Hill

Pat and Al Warnecke would be interested in attending. Thanks for the info.

John Bayer would attend.
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Re: New Branson target and status as of now

Postby Niner Alpha » Sun Dec 28, 2014 6:50 pm

The email I had sent out said the following: (Keep in mind there is no commitment to either one of the hotels mentioned but they are mentioned as two different kinds of potential plan and at the max expense that I think we could consider)

The Stand Alone Reunion proposed for Nashville can’t happen during the time frame we selected because it is during a major event that draws large numbers of people. The only bids we have been able to get from otherwise suitable venues are out of line with what we think most people would accept as reasonable reunion costs. Many chains wouldn’t even bid.

So… our second most mentioned location in the poll we undertook some months ago mentioned Branson, Missouri as a desirable location. And, I am conducting a search for a hotel in Branson that may meet our needs…..going first to hotels that have a reputation for attracting veterans groups.

One such hotel is the Radisson at Branson. It is large enough and offers all the things we would like to have. However, it does ask for a modest fee for a hospitality room and charges for things we may be interested in as separate things… like a sit down meal and things like a podium with a microphone. The room rates run $92 for a King double without breakfast or another $10 for breakfast included. There is room tax on top of that. However, there are some free assists in other things of interest.

Another hotel that is popular is the Grand Plaza. It offers a complete package including the reception room, a BBQ first night buffet and a last night sit down banquet with the incidentals, like a microphone. The package prices, including the meals and room tax and total individual out of pocket expense runs, PER PERSON, for the entire event, $348.71 single, $208.10 double, $168.66 triple, $148 quad.

There is also a possibility of having a dinner cruise on the Showboat Branson with entertainment instead of a sit down banquet. The cost of this has not been determined but probably in the total cost the substitution for a sit down hotel banquet the difference would not be very much more.

The time frame for this reunion would be starting either June 4 or June 5, 2015 and run for three nights with hotel rates being the same for a day or two before and for a day or two after.

At this time I’m asking if you have any interest in this revised plan and if the costs of the venue’s mentioned meet with your personal budget. I’m also wanting to know if you are interested in Branson in June and how likely you are to attend?

If any of you have any experience with hotels in Branson that you would recommend as a possible venue, please let me know.

It must be noted, that no negotiated demands have been made by me as of this moment and I’ve only mentioned the as given to me quote from two locations.

Robert Stewart
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Re: New Branson target and status as of now 12/28

Postby Niner Alpha » Mon Dec 29, 2014 3:28 pm

This is the mass email message I sent out this morning. This is a new email attempt to get some positive response. And... as of now... a couple of hours after the sending, I'm getting some encouraging responses and new names to add to the list of those in favor of going ahead with this.

This message is an attempt to learn if plans for a 2015 independent 6th battalion 31st infantry reunion are still viable with a change in location to Branson Missouri in early June of the new year.
The idea of a stand alone reunion was conceived jointly by myself, Robert Stewart, Alpha in 1970, and Jerry White, Delta in 1969. We wanted to explore the possibility of an alternative to the 31st Regiment reunion that is to be held in California next August. We envisioned a reunion event that would be democratically selected and geographically placed to offer veterans of the 6/31st an alternative that those not going to the Regiment reunion would be inclined to attend. We wanted it to be casual and with little ceremony and agenda. We wanted an event that wives would want to go to and the emphasis would be on an entertainment and vacation while at the same time meeting again guys we served with now decades ago as the reason it happens.
We sent out hundreds of emails from our accumulated roster. There were phone calls. There were discussions. We asked for input. We conducted a poll on locations. We arrived, by the polls, to the month of June and the location of Nashville. We had a volunteer who had much experience in several previous large scale reunions, Tim Miller, Delta Company, to find a hotel and arrange details. Only Tim discovered… and then I discovered… that Nashville has a series of heavy events that are regularly scheduled the first half of June. No hotel, that was suitable to our needs and requirements, was found available.
Recently we went to our fall back location of Branson, Missouri. It was a close second in the original poll results. Branson has hotels that would suit our purposes at rates that would be in the ball park of what previous Regiment Reunions offered. Branson also offers plenty of attractions for those who visit.
What we need now is a count of who is still with us on this project. A recent mass email produced less than 20 who were still interested to the point that they would likely attend. The original Nashville support numbers were over 100. We need several times 20 in responses from men saying they are VERY LIKELY to attend or this idea is going nowhere for this year.


If you would like to see this reunion happen enough to STATE HONESTLY THAT YOU WOULD VERY LIKELY ATTEND for at least one night of a three night event in Branson Missouri in June of 2015 please respond to this email and tell me that.
If you have responded positively to the email sent out in the last couple of weeks on this question please disregard this message as we have your vote.
If you are not interested or probably wouldn’t come for one reason or the other, just ignore this email.

Robert Stewart

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