If anybody wants reunion email updates

This forum was created for information about the very successful first battalion stand alone reunion in June of 2015. It remains to remember the success and perhaps to encourage planning of another such reunion in the future.

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If anybody wants reunion email updates

Postby Niner Alpha » Thu Oct 23, 2014 6:25 pm

We have something short of 600 emails that are correct and current that we have been sending email messages about the runion....the suggestion email, the vote email on the location and month, the question of how interested email. We are discovering a few people who are interested that we don't have on our main list for some reason or other. I've added six or eight names so far to be sure these people get the future announcements and updates.

If you would like email updates as we go along, and haven't been getting the emails so far, shoot me a message at niner@6thofthe31st.com to be added to the main list.

I am also deleting some names and emails from the list as we discover that for one reason or the other there is no interest.

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