The responses so far by company

This forum was created for information about the very successful first battalion stand alone reunion in June of 2015. It remains to remember the success and perhaps to encourage planning of another such reunion in the future.

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The responses so far by company

Postby Niner Alpha » Wed Aug 20, 2014 2:41 pm

Here is a list as of the moment of guys who responded to either my email or Jerry's and expressed an interest in a stand alone reunion. Some didn't have a preference where it was and some others did offer their suggestions. Some were enthusiastic and some were only open to the idea and willing to see how things progress.

This list will be updated each day as we get new positive responses.


John Bullock
Robert Stewart
Terry Barrix
George Dahlke
Jay Lazar
George Williams
Ray Abe
Bruce Driscoll
Jerry Holderness (the real last lt. Niner Alpha)
James "Mike" Moynahan (Plt. Ldr. 2nd)
Jim Ballinger
Mike Kirby
Manny Perez
Jim Robb
Pat Clark
Rick Dodd


David Page
Gil Brown
Dave Gray
Luis Reyna
David Magaha
Don Klemme
Bob Stewart
Alvin Pask
Bob Spickard
Joe D'Amico


Bill McMullen
Larry Hathaway
Bill Singleton
Gary Stolz (Also from Echo)
Don Rutkowski
Jim Kaelin
Lyle Tarsh
Robert Smith
Ronald Wylie (Also from Echo)
Eddie Johnson
Mike Harter
Tito Aguirre
Jerry Sutton
J. C.Turner
Bob Hall
Ramon Espino
Raymond Logelin
Dick Fish


Fred Sanchez (3rd)
James Medley (3rd)
Ron Chavez (1st)
Tom Slining (HQ)
Dave Rice (HQ)
Tim Miller (2nd)
Terry Nicodemus (3rd)
Jerry White (3rd)
Rick Mickels (2nd)
John Knode (3rd)
Ron Raymond (1st)
Gary Weckworth (3rd)
Vin Zike (3rd)
James Pumphrey (3rd)
Gerard Olson (3rd)
C. B. Harris (HQ)
John Bayer (HQ)(FO)
Bobby McNight (3rd)
Virgil Havens (3rd)
Sam Martin (3rd)
Charles Rideout (3rd)
Darwin Betzer (3rd)
Terry Locke (3rd)
Floyd Jones (3rd)
James "Doug" Hannaman (3rd)
Angel Merced (3rd)
Rod Sherfick (Also Echo) (3rd)
Randy Clement (3rd)
Ronnie Ouellette (3rd)
Rex Havron (2nd)
John Trentini (3rd)
Bob Green (1st)
Al Berg (3rd)
Allen Warnecke (3rd)
Robert Frenya (3rd)
Mike Merrill (3rd)
Chuck Barr (3rd)
Ricardo Caronado (1st)
Albert Galindo (1st)
Dennis Hood (1st)
Lawrence Hurley (1st)
Richard Spekczynski (1st)
Rex Rumfelt (Hdq)
Jerry Hasty (2nd)
Don Smith (3rd)
Dennis Rice(2nd)
Jim Martin (1st)
Al Pulvirenti (3rd)
Gary Goodridge (3rd) (also Echo)


Gary Stoltz (Also Charlie)
Rhett Krone
Richard Dungan
Ronald Wylie (Also Charlie)
Rod Sherfick (Also Delta)
Tony Caliva
Dan Ezso
Ken Williamson
George Stofflett
Otis Cook
Bob Borino
Richard Dungan
Gary Goodridge (Also Delta)
Ken Odom
James MacMahan
Joe Knaebel
Ted Speroff
James Long
Roy Spicer
Terry Munson

Headquarters Company:

Dick Lind
Jack Logan, last living Battalion Commander

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