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Forum created for the purpose of living history and reenactor groups to interact with former veterans of the 6th battalion of the 31st Infantry
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New Forum now here

Postby Niner Alpha » Fri May 02, 2014 9:39 am

This forum was created as a focal point for those guys, few likely born within two decades of the Vietnam war, who are fascinated by the era for some reason and wish to correctly as possible create a living portrait of how we went to war back over 44 years ago. It is intended as a vehicle for the creators of living history today to have a chance to talk to as many of us old geezers who care to talk about what we remember that may help them in their activities.

As I now understand it one new group is getting together to attempt to represent Alpha Company 6th of the 31st with a focus on 69/70. It's based in Mississippi and Louisiana. The other group, with a more general 9th Division presentation, is in ...of all places... Italy.

Please respond to the questions and give them some encouragement. After all.... they are honoring the memory of a battalion that nobody but us who served in it would have awareness in this day and time without their taking an interest.

I have moved two strings from two particular reenactment groups to this forum from their previous locations.

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