6/31st Roster

Topics of a general nature that relate to anything to do with the 6th Battalion 31st Infantry that served in Vietnam.
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6/31st Roster

Postby Delta75 » Wed Apr 17, 2019 11:33 am

Did a total/breakout of our present 6/31st roster.

KIA: 147 (might contain some men who were KIA after transfer to another unit)
Deceased: 642
Request no Contact: 57
Disabled: 10
Located: 1336
Still Searching: 993

Total: 3185

Accounted for: 2192 (69%)
Searching for: 993 (31%)

I am sure that many of the "Still Searching" are now Deceased.

Jerry White "Caretaker" of the 6/31st roster.

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