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Question about the original battalion and "infusion"

Posted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 1:04 pm
by Niner Alpha
My other attached to unit in Vietnam has a facebook page and the "infusion" program was mentioned and how it affected the original group that came over together to Vietnam. In the 3/506 in 1967, the Army suddenly ..or maybe not suddenly... realized that if everyone in a battalion, less casualty replacements, derosed on the same date there was going to be a big problem. So what they did was institute the "infusion" plan. What that meant was that guys were picked, with little notice to those picked, to be sent to other units in exchange for guys with further out deros dates. Thus program happened in apparently many other such battalions made up of guys who's time in country obligation all started at the same time.

Anybody from the Ft. Lewis group remember any such thing happening with your group in 1968? Anybody get sent to the 6/31st from some other battalion under this early program?