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Ebay photo

Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2017 12:53 pm
by Niner Alpha
I saw this photo on ebay. I knew it had been published in what I think must have been the last publication of the 3rd Brigade of the 9th. I have a copy of the photo publication and you can see all of it in the photo album here at the site. The guy had some others that were pegged as 6th of the 31st because of a taped description on the back. He said he got them at a flea market and believed them to be old press release photos handed out by the Brigade. I believe him since the description tape is identical to some Col. Gearin's son sent copies of to the site. See this link. ... any/Gearin

What's interesting to a photography enthusiast... is that the publication photo was cropped on the sides and the handout photo was cropped at the top. I suspect the layout in the magazine required a vertical image and not a horizontal image. The magazine also brightened the image to lighten the clouds and bring out the soldier's face more.