Things that irritate

Topics of a general nature that relate to anything to do with the 6th Battalion 31st Infantry that served in Vietnam.
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Things that irritate

Postby Niner Alpha » Wed Jan 25, 2017 4:03 pm

You know how it is now days. If you wear some kind of clothing... a hat ... a shirt ... that says something about being a veteran, just because sometimes it makes you feel good about yourself,and sometimes strangers come up to you and say "thank you for your service". I find it embarrassing, even though the people mean well. But it's been nearly five decades since I was in Vietnam for crying out loud. I needed the support way back then when it wasn't supplied.. not now. I'm over it. So.. I wear stuff that would say I'm a veteran more sparingly nowadays just to avoid the drama. And to be's not the people doing the "thank you for your service" thing that irritates at all. What really irritates is the new merchandise that plays directly to the "thank you for your service" fad and a veteran's attempt to draw on it.

Saw this buy this shirt on facebook with a lot of "likes" including some people I'm acquainted with. It irritates me on several accounts. The first is that serving in Vietnam protected nobody in the USA from anything. Nobody slept any safer in the US for our being in Vietnam and taking one side in a civil war. Anything we sacrificed saved no one anything and benefited nobody, particularly us. Nobody in the US has lived a life in Peace because of any war involvement in the last seventy years and actually the reverse for many who worried about their loved ones sent to the various world ordering conflicts. And lastly we aren't going to live by any oath to answer the call to war anymore. We were, most of us, sick of war when we left that war behind. We are too old to fight any more wars and the young men today, it would be my wish that the politicians take their next world fixing war making idea and shove it where the sun don't shine and instead try to make America a better place to live. .
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Re: Things that irritate

Postby Niner Delta » Wed Jan 25, 2017 9:18 pm

I have the red 31st hat you sent me and a black 9th Div hat, but I seldom wear them because
I just don't wear hats very often, never have. And that's all I have. When I do occasionally wear a
hat, people have thanked me for my service, and I just smile and say Thanks.


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