A year has now passed since the Stand Alone Reunion commenced

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A year has now passed since the Stand Alone Reunion commenced

Postby Niner Alpha » Sat Jun 04, 2016 3:07 pm

Time does fly the older we get. Seems like the reunion was just a few weeks ago. But today marks the one year anniversary of the start of the event. I still have a few of the original 100 special made pins left....and some of the round tin ones that everybody who attended should have gotten. Some may want one of the special struck ones for a shadow box or as a token to remember what more than likely will be the first and last battalion reunion and certainly the biggest that will ever be in all likelihood. . For a couple of guys that went to that reunion it was the first and last as they have died since.

I'll attach an image of one of the remaining postcards of the thousands we mailed out. There was also another design...but it said the same thing.. only I had my phone number on it.

If you have any interest in one of the special pins let me know. I'll send you one for a donation to the site of $20 or more for as long as a dozen or so last.

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