We're being spammed

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We're being spammed

Postby Ron » Fri Jan 24, 2014 8:12 am

Just wanted everyone to take note that if you haven't already received spam mail from Sam Wetzel that there's the possibility you could still be seeing his name or others in your mailbox. There is a 6/31st Infantry web site out there in Asian script already and it appears they or someone else has acquired Sam Wetxel's email addresses. Be careful who's sending those emails to you!! :shock:
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Re: We're being spammed

Postby Niner Alpha » Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:05 am

The email that Ron copied to me is this

To: raybylsky
Sent: Fri, Jan 24, 2014 6:16 am
Subject: Awful Trip(SAM WETZEL)

I am sorry for reaching you rather too late due to the situation of things right now. My family and I had a trip visiting Athens, (Greece,) everything was going on fine until last night when we got attacked by some unknown gunmen. All our money,phones and credit cards was stolen away including some valuable items, It was a terrible experience but the good thing is they didn't hurt anyone or made away with our passports.
We have reported the incident to the local authorities and the consulate but their response was too casual, we were ask to come back in 2weeks time for investigations to be made proper,But the truth is we can't wait till then as we have just got our return flight booked and is leaving in few hours from now but presently having problems sorting out our bills here and also getting a cab down to the airport, Right now we're financially strapped due to the unexpected robbery attack, Wondering if you can help us with a quick loan to sort our bills and get back home. All we need is ($2,000 USD) or anything you can afford, I promise to refund you in full as soon as I return hopefully tomorrow or next. Please am hanging on for a response from you so that i can let you know how to get the money to me.
Thank You

It actually shows in the "from" and "to" spaces email addresses which I have deleted in this post....one that is Ron's and the other that may be Wetzel's but the actual response would go to someplace else.

I think probably what happened is that somebody with both Sam Wetzel and Ron Raymond in their address books has had their email compromised. So...if you have both names saved in your email address book better check your computer to be sure it isn't hacked.

This same kind of scam with a very much like story was circulating a few years ago. Mary Doyan shut down her Roster list link because of it. But...it turned out to have come from a Regiment Association member who had his email compromised.

What Ron is saying about the Chinese is that it was recently discovered that the old site that Mary had http://www.vietnam6bn31inf.com/ is now owned as a Domain name by some Chinese company. Owning the domain name wouldn't of itself get them any access to any of her files that were on that site as the files are on an independent server that requires a username and password to enter. The domain name is a totally different thing in itself. And... it looks like the site space her site was in was either closed...or more likely... just ran out of paid time and was discorded by the server company in who's space it existed.

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