Knee Replacements

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Knee Replacements

Postby Delta75 » Fri Dec 29, 2017 5:14 pm

Hello All......I just received this input from one of our Delta Brothers...Dean Langstaff

Good day to you Jerry. I wanted to pass along information that concerns knee replacements and if one has a disability rating involving knees wounds. Some background info about my wound. I received a shrapnel wound from a booby trap in my left knee that partially severed my popliteal artery and did some nerve damage. A piece of shrapnel remains in my knee. Upon discharge from the Army, I received a 10% disability rating from the VA. I went on to have a active 28 year career as a firefighter. This summer I had a double knee replacement, which was very successful. A chance meeting with another veteran who had also been slightly wounded in both knees and had also had double knee replacement ended up being a godsend. He put me in touch with my county’s Veterans Affairs Director who put in all the paperwork needed by the VA. On my end I had to furnish a copy of my DD214 and a post operation report. Any info that I did not have, the Veterans Affair Director was able to obtain from the Army. The end result was I receive 100% disability for 13 months of recovery. At the end of 13 months my disability will permanently increase to 30%. From the paperwork I received from the VA confirming the awarding of increased benefits, this seems to be a standard award for the situation. The severity of the wound and it’s connection to needing knee replacement does not seem to be a factor. Having disability rating to begin with is a factor. Without that chance meeting, I would not of received any of this because I never put needing knee replacement together with being wounded 48 years earlier. If you want to pass this along to the group, please do so. If you have any questions about this, I will try to answer. Dean Langstaff

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